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MiniTool Partition Wizard
Kingsoft Office Suite Free
Foxit Reader
Sothink HD Movie Maker
A professional partition manager.
A free, small and fast office software.
Free, very fast, lightweight PDF Viewer.
Make and burn high definition Blu-ray movies.
Find and remove duplicate files and folders.

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Path Too Long Utility
Path Too Long PRO utility is a compact tool that makes it possible to delete, rename, copy, and move files and folders that have excessively long file paths. It is a useful workaround for a common error that may Windows users have reported.... read more

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Game Fire 5.5.2095
Boost PC Gaming Performance
Norton Power Eraser
Eliminates deeply embedded crimeware.
No Autorun
Block USB flash/disk from auto-running
Egg 1.6
Timer settable up to 49 days with quad timer
Path Too Long Utility
Copy/delete files and folders with long paths
Hetman Uneraser 3.8
An easy way to recover lost data in seconds!
RGB Color Wallpaper 2.0
Mix your color and set it as your wallpaper
Microsoft Office 2016 16.0.7167.2060
2016 version Office from Microsoft.
AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 6.0
Free Disk Partitioning and Management Tool
Hetman Partition Recovery 2.6
The complete hard drive recovery solution!

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