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Capsa Network Analyzer
Kingsoft Office Suite Free
Foxit Reader
Sothink HD Movie Maker
NoClone Home
Portable network analyzer for both LANs and WLANs.
A free, small and fast office software.
Free, very fast, lightweight PDF Viewer.
Make and burn high definition Blu-ray movies.
Find duplicate files and folders on your PC.

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There is a serious media campaign to discredit popular privacy and security tools - Tor, Tails and TrueCrypt. It doesn't mean there are no vulnerabilities, but facts and proof are very welcome when it comes to serious accusations. ... Read more
Google is busy launching a new colorful Google Play Store update which changes how the store looks to different users. The update is particularly visual with bigger icons, new art, brighter animations and a clearer appearance overall. ... Read more
In these ecologically-sensitive times many users are all for saving electricity where they can. Leaving the PC on all day while you're out isn't the best idea. This is where low power states on modern PCs come in handy. ... Read more
Google continues on the acquisition trail with its latest buyout of drawElements, a Finnish software company for a rumored 8-figure sum. DrawElements makes software which helps other developers create 3D graphics that are compatible with Android. ... Read more
Version 14 of System Mechanic Professional has just been released and it comes with extra goodies for you. ... Read more
Making an Android device more usable is possible by extending its reach. This can be done by syncing information such as username & password combinations, bookmarks, open web pages and more up into the cloud. ... Read more
With Android smartphone and tablet use, getting the security aspects sorted out is key. You never know when your phone or tablet may be stolen and security compromised, so protecting yourself out of the gate is important to do. ... Read more
The picture for Lenovo tablet hardware around the world is a mixed one. Despite reports last week initially from ITworld that Lenovo had stopped selling small screen tablets in the American market, the reality is not quite so simple. ... Read more
Depending on whom you believe, Microsoft is thought to be prepping either Windows version 9 or a Windows 8.2 release which will see the return of the iconic Start menu. ... Read more
A bug has existed in the Windows version of Chrome for the past four years that progressively drains a laptop battery due to irregular coding. Google has seemed to be made aware of this issue but the latest Chrome update failed to rectify the issue. ... Read more
Google Chrome 36 Stable has been released to users to download and try out. There are a number of new features for the desktop version. The new features include an adjusted main icon and a simpler notification pop-ups that is not so intrusive. ... Read more
Here is our list of visually impressive mobile games, some free, some paid, and while mos of them will run on any device, some do require high-end hardware. Without further ado, here are our mobile game suggestions for the aesthetes. ... Read more
Fixing issues that come up on the Android OS to make life a little easier is often a good idea. Usually there is a simple fix in the Droid menu system; other times an app can do the trick. ... Read more
The latest keynote speech at the Windows Partner Conference on July 16 Tony Prophet indicated that there are now over 1.5 billion devices running on some version of the Windows operating system. ... Read more
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Today's #1 Software
  • Publisher: Bandisoft
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 8.88 MB
  • Rating:
Bandicam is the best Game, Video, and Desktop recording software. It is high quality and you can upload the recorded file to without converting because the recorded file is much smaller than others. It also has much less Lag/CPU/HDD usage.
Trojan Remover 6.9.1
Detects and automatically removes malware.
Bus Driver 1.5a
Transport passengers around a realistic city!
UC Browser for Java 9.4.1
A Web and WAP browser.
Mozilla Firefox 31.0
The award winning Web browser.
Advanced Mass Sender 4.3
AMS is bulk email marketing software
Talk with your friends for free.
Euro Truck Simulator 1.3b
Drive your truck across Europe!
Google Talk
Google chat messenger with voice.
Adobe Flash Player
View the best animation on web.
Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 12.0.1
Powerful photo management made simple
From organizing and editing your photos to uploading them online, Ashampoo Photo Commander 10 is a powerful weapon that gives you the ability to have full control over your images only with a few mouse clicks. Version 10 of Photo Commander has many n... read more

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GreenBrowser 6.7.0417
Best choice of easy and powerful web browse!

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 12.0.1
Powerful photo management made simple
McAfee Total Protection 2014
Monitor your computer's security status
System Mechanic Professional
Fix, Speed Up and Secure Your PC

Notepad2 4.2.25
Free, small and fast editor.
ImageXtender 1.0
Tweaking software for Windows XP image viewer
Launch8 1.0
Desktop dock for windows 8
Email client for Windows
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 8.1.1
Free Partition Manager for Windows OS
Download Now & Start Making Free Video Calls

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