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MiniTool Partition Wizard
Kingsoft Office Suite Free
Foxit Reader
Sothink HD Movie Maker
A professional partition manager.
A free, small and fast office software.
Free, very fast, lightweight PDF Viewer.
Make and burn high definition Blu-ray movies.
Find and remove duplicate files and folders.

Latest articles is a new, fast, privacy-focused free DNS service by Cloudflare. In this article we'll cover how fast it is, what you'll gain in privacy, and how to set it up on a home router, Windows, Linux or Mac PC, iOS or Android phone. ... Read more
RottenSys is an adware package which comes pre-installed on some Android phones, before the users turn on the phones for the first time. RottenSys will aggressively show unwanted ads on infected Android phones. We'll cover here 2 ways to remove it. ... Read more
While this digital coin is already popular worldwide, the vast majority of people (especially the newer ones) have little knowledge of how does Bitcoin actually work and the fundamentals behind it. In this guide, we'll cover the basics. ... Read more
We've talked about the HEIC format Apple adopted from macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 onwards, but let's address compatibility too. Besides converting HEIC files to JPEG, we'll discuss here how you can view HEIC files on Windows, natively. ... Read more
In this article, we'll talk about the HEIC (HEIF) image format Apple adopted in iOS 11 and we'll do a short timeline for image formats in the recent years. Let's start by saying that a better image format is long overdue across the entire internet. ... Read more
Like the title says, in this guide we'll talk about converting multiple images at once, from BPM, JPG, GIF, PNG, WebP to JPG, GIF, PNG, or WebP, right on your Android phone or tablet - this will be a 100% free process. ... Read more
In Spellforce III, a prequel, you experience the events that led to the catastrophic happenings of the first two titles. Create your troops, strengthen your team and gain control of enemy territories to expand your domination in the world of Eo. ... Read more
Kingdom: New Lands is an improved and with new elements game based on the previous tile, Kingdom. It introduces a variety of new content while still keeping the same elements that made Kingdom to stand out and be loved by many players worldwide. ... Read more
In this quick tutorial we'll cover how to put all your Photoshop plug-ins in a folder of your choice, anywhere on the disk, then make Photoshop load all the plugins from the custom folder you created. Both on Windows and Mac. ... Read more
Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that gives you a dangerous mission, to sneak into your neighbor's house and uncover the secrets that lie in his basement. A goal easier said than done, as the neighbor will do his best to ruin your plans. ... Read more
It's all over the news these days: two major hardware security flaws, named Spectre and Meltdown, have been discovered in modern computer processors. Here, we'll talk about how dangerous these flaws are and how to protect your PC against them. ... Read more
Life is Strange: Before the Storm, is the prequel of the first game that gained a huge fanbase. The prequel allows the player to take a look and learn what led to the incidents of the first, while getting to know better the characters as well. ... Read more
We gathered what we consider to be the best games of 2017 and present it to you. The choices were hard and we focused on games available on both PC and consoles. Have a Happy New Year everyone! ... Read more
In Today's mobile world we tend to forget that our desktop PCs are powerful beasts, taking on more powerful tasks than their mobile counterparts can handle. With this in mind, below is our list of the best Windows software in 2017. ... Read more
Hetman Uneraser 3.8
Hetman Uneraser is exactly what the average user needs in order to retrieve deleted files from any kind of storage.... read more

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Open Hardware Monitor 0.8.0 Beta
A monitoring application.
WPS Office 2016 Free Edition
Perfect free for creating & editing documents
Game Fire 6.2.3031
Your Ultimate PC Game Booster
Norton Power Eraser
Eliminates deeply embedded crimeware.
No Autorun
Block USB flash/disk from auto-running
Egg 1.6
Timer settable up to 49 days with quad timer
Path Too Long Utility
Copy/delete files and folders with long paths
Hetman Uneraser 3.8
An easy way to recover lost data in seconds!
RGB Color Wallpaper 2.0
Mix your color and set it as your wallpaper
Microsoft Office 2016 1804 Build 9226.2156
2016 version Office from Microsoft.

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