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MiniTool Partition Wizard
Kingsoft Office Suite Free
Foxit Reader
Sothink HD Movie Maker
A professional partition manager.
A free, small and fast office software.
Free, very fast, lightweight PDF Viewer.
Make and burn high definition Blu-ray movies.
Find and remove duplicate files and folders.

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In this tutorial (which we expect to be short lived, with Google probably adding a "fix" in the near future to the solution we're about to cover), we'll show you a method to play YouTube videos in the background, with the Android phone's screen off. ... Read more
EarTrumpet has been around for a while now and has been praised online as the sound control app to have in Windows 10. In this review, we'll take a closer look at it, discuss features and interface, while comparing it to the default Win10 volume app. ... Read more
In this tutorial we'll cover a simple solution to have Adobe Lightroom finish exporting, then shut down Windows automatically, right away or with a delay and, optionally, with a custom message. ... Read more
The New Tab page update made its way into the stable edition of Chrome, with changes to the look of the 'most visited' sites list, the ability to add custom shortcuts there, plus custom Chrome backgrounds. We'll discuss each feature in detail here. ... Read more
In this tutorial we'll cover a quick fix you can try when Windows 10 is stuck on downloading new security patches or when it's updating to a new version and nothing else seems to nudge it in the right direction. ... Read more
In the latest versions of Windows 10, the Power User (Win+X) menu shows Windows PowerShell instead of the entries for Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin). If you wish to get the Command Prompt entries back in this menu, here's how to do it. ... Read more
The most detailed guide for boosting and optimizing sound levels in Windows 10. Learn how to use DFX Audio Enhancer to add reverb and graphic EQ capabilities, as well as adjusting native sound enhancing features in the Speaker Properties window. ... Read more
A detailed guide on how to setup Freegate to work in Chrome and Firefox. Freegate is the most popular anonymity and proxy software used to bypass internet censoring and site blocking enforced by governments in India, China, Cuba and other countries. ... Read more
A detailed overview of the best options for generating and comparing MD5 and SHA1 file hash checksums, which are used to verify file integrity and security. Covers the top 5 hash generating apps, 3 online solutions, and a few alternative methods. ... Read more
A guide on generating/calculating MD5 and SHA1 hashes/checksums using the top 4 Android apps in this category. Useful for verifying file integrity by ensuring that you have the right file and it hasn't been altered or corrupted from the original. ... Read more
If you were running TeamViewer 12 or lower on a XP computer and you recently upgraded it to version 13, you might be among those who get the error "TeamViewer_Service.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". Here's an easy fix to that. ... Read more
If you got stuck with an unwanted thumbnail in Chrome's New Tab page, this guide here will help you force Chrome refresh those top sites thumbnails with new, fresh ones, without clearing any browsing data. ... Read more
In this tutorial we'll talk about changing the default Google account when being logged in to multiple Google accounts, in the same desktop browser. ... Read more
Here's how to switch back to an old version of an Android app and stop Google Play from automatically updating it to the newer, latest version. Also, we'll cover here where from to safely download and install older versions of Android apps. ... Read more
Open Hardware Monitor 0.8.0 Beta
Open Hardware Monitor is a free open-source utility that is designed to provide a centralized interface in which you can easily monitor various aspects of hardware performance, including fan speeds, temperature sensors, voltage usage, resource load,... read more

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Open Hardware Monitor 0.8.0 Beta
A monitoring application.
WPS Office 2016 Free Edition
Perfect free for creating & editing documents
Game Fire 6.3.3263
Your Ultimate PC Game Booster
Norton Power Eraser
Eliminates deeply embedded crimeware.
No Autorun
Block USB flash/disk from auto-running
Egg 1.6
Timer settable up to 49 days with quad timer
Path Too Long Utility
Copy/delete files and folders with long paths
Hetman Uneraser 3.8
An easy way to recover lost data in seconds!
RGB Color Wallpaper 2.0
Mix your color and set it as your wallpaper
Microsoft Office 2016 1808 Build 10325.20118
2016 version Office from Microsoft.

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