Top Free One-Touch Games for iOS and Android

Top Free One-Touch Games for iOS and Android

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 3 February 2015 · 12217 views

One-Touch games are extremely fun because they don’t require a lot of effort to play and yet they still manage to be enjoyable and addicting. Using a single finger, you can defeat titans, avoid hungry creatures, shoot enemy ships and do so much more. Even though they require only one movement, they are quite difficult to master.

Below is a list of the most addicting One-Touch games we came across so far.

Timberman1. Timberman by Digital Melody Games

Timberman is an old-school arcade game with nostalgic visuals and a simple but addicting concept. The player must chop down trees and avoid being hit by branches in the process. Ok, maybe it's not the most overwhelming and astonishing game of all time, but it can certainly fill your spare time and perhaps teach you a thing or two about trees and branches.

Daddy Long Legs2. Daddy Long Legs by Set Snail

An endless runner that belongs to the one-touch type of games that will amaze you with its unique approach. In Daddy Long Legs you control the movements of a small, hairy creature. More specifically, you have to put one leg in front of the other and try not to fall. Although it seems easy, I believe you know that these games are never as easy as they seem.

The goal of Daddy Long Legs is to walk as far as you can. But, considering the little creature has very long legs in comparison to its tiny body, it’s going to take a lot of effort in order to successfully move it around in a steady pace.

Since it is a one-touch game the rules are simple; tap the screen to change leg and watch as Daddy Long Legs stumbles across the screen.

The game now offers unlockable costumes that make the process of walking more hilarious.

Crossy Road3. Crossy Road by HIPSTER WHALE

In Crossy Road you are in control of a chicken and other animals that are trying to cross a road full of highways, railroads and rivers. Your job is to help your animal get as far as possible, and while that might sound easy, trust me when I say it’s not. If you don’t successfully cross the road in under a few seconds, an eagle will fly towards your character- and you can imagine what happens next… I’m sure your character will meet the eagle one way or the other, as it’ll get hit by trucks, cars and trains, or simply fall into the river.

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Spider-man Unlimited4. Spider-man Unlimited for iOS and Android by Gameloft

A great one-touch game starring one the most loved Marvel heroes: Spider-man. In Spider-man Unlimited the graphics are hand-drawn, making it look like moving comic pages. In this game the player must unite many different versions of spidey, and with them go to war against the Sinister Six who are trying to destroy all the parallel dimensions that exist in the universe. How are they going to achieve this? By using as allies different versions of themselves, who also came from other dimensions. It may sound confusing but the story unravels in a simple way once you start playing.

RETRY5. RETRY for iOS and Android by Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Did Flappy Bird anger you? Prepare for more sadistic times with RETRY. In this game you are in control of a 16-bit airplane which you must navigate through frustrating obstacles by tapping, in order to make it go up or down. Not suitable for the easily tempered players! No, seriously, it is disturbingly addicting. You’ll love to hate it.

Mmm Fingers6. Mmm Fingers by Noodlecake Studios Inc for iOS and Android

Mmm Fingers is my personal favourite on the list. The game’s goal is easy to understand and difficult to achieve. It’s a single-touch high score game, in which you have to make sure your finger avoids the small traps and monsters which look at your finger like it's a delicacy. If your finger doesn't slide through them and end up touching them, it gets eaten. Bear in mind that the obstacles move, so you have to stay focused throughout the whole time and keep your movements fast and steady.

Every time you make a new score, the levels change to harder ones. The game also tracks your past high score progress, session high score, and average score. Mmm Fingers is the kind of game in which you’ll end up losing one way or another; the point here to reach a high score and spend your time having fun. So, the true enjoyment comes from playing it without caring about losing, and laugh at how hard it gets to keep your finger intact.

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Tap Titans7. Tap Titans by Game Hive Corp. for iOS and Android

A clicker game that will probably make you feel guilty for enjoying it so much. At least that’s how it is for me.

In Tap Titans you have to… tap on the evil Titans in order for our character, the hero, successfully slay them and save the world. There are Titan bosses too, whom you’ll have to defeat in under 30 seconds- making things harder at times. In fact, the further you go the harder it gets obviously, but a game isn’t fun and challenging without the difficulty level raising, right?

Apart from attacking and slaying you can collect gold, add more heroes to your team, activate skills and power ups, but the most interesting feature of all is that you have the ability to summon artifacts that bestow special powers to your heroes.

If you like one-touch games, Tap Titans will offer you a unique experience that will not disappoint you.

Smash Hit8. Smash Hit by Mediocre AB for iOS and Android

In this game the player must destroy all kinds of obstacles and targets in futuristic dimensions. The game includes over 50 rooms enhanced with 11 graphic styles and music that matches each stage and the actions the player performs. To be a successful player in Smash Hit, you must not lack concentration, have high alertness levels and have a tendency (or urge) to break glass things.

Sky Force 20149. Sky Force 2014 by Infinite Dreams Inc. for iOS and Android

The 10th year anniversary of the Sky Force game brought us Sky Force 2014 edition that comes with beautiful 3D graphics, colorful visuals, smooth controls, amazing upgrades and new BG music.

If you’re familiar with Sky Force you’ll know why it belongs to this list. Sky Force is a scrolling shooter that kept most of us company back when mobiles were simpler to use. The player is in control of a ship that travels to different levels, each of which has a different environment (like ruins or forests) and things to shoot at and destroy with a big bam. At the end of a level you have to fight against an enemy boss ship that will be a lot bigger that yours and put our shooting abilities to test. If you feel nostalgic of the old pixelated shooter game that was part of your childhood, the 2014 edition will create a whole new experience for you.

Giant Boulder of Death10. Giant Boulder of Death by [adult swim] for iOS and Android

I think the game’s title says it all, but let me explain nonetheless. Giant Boulder of Death is a hilariously random game, and I think there are no better words to describe it. As a one-touch game, the player has to tap to destroy... stuff. Yeah that’s basically it… you take control of an angry boulder that wants to leave nothing standing while bowling down a mountain. There are no rules except for destroying everything in your path- be it villages, cars, yetis, or golden cows! Everything is allowed! Especially the metal boulder that was added on last update makes things even more exciting. Of course there are other boulders to choose from, as well as new objects to smash with each new theme you reach.

Prepare to be hooked by a random game that doesn’t try to take itself seriously and managed to succeed in keeping everyone entertained. The ads can be annoying but it’s a small price to pay.

Dumb Ways to Die 211. Dumb Ways to Die 2 by Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd for iOS and Android

I know you’re all familiar with the videos featuring those dumb creatures dying in the weirdest ways imaginable (Happy Tree Friends- style) so the purpose of Dumb Ways to Die 2 (which is the sequel actually, to be specific) is not hard to guess. You have to guide the various characters through 28 action packed mini-games and try to stay alive long enough to get the highest score and unlock more dumb characters to repeat the process.

Mr. Crab12. Mr. Crab by Illusion Labs

Mr. Crab is an incredibly fast arcade game. You're in control of Mr. Crab and you have to help him jump to the top, rescuing as many baby crabs as possible. All you have to do is to tap on your screen to jump and start climbing to reach the top of the spinning tower. But things aren’t as easy as you’ll have to face many enemies on your way.

There are 14 levels to unlock for free (such us Beach Party, Hermit Heights and Acorn), while the rest are available via IAP. During your quest you’ll come across various types of enemies in several levels. It’s actually up to you to decide how you’ll defeat them; otherwise, they will defeat you.

And this concludes our list of the most enjoyable One-Touch freemiums that you can find in your devices. I hope you can find new favorites on the list and add games to your collection that you will enjoy to the fullest. Let us know below which ones you picked and why!

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