Top 5 Gardening Apps For Android

Top 5 Gardening Apps For Android

by Gary Oldwood on 12 July 2016 · 970 views

Among the thousands of applications available for Android smartphones or tablets, there are several regarding gardening and farming. So, we gathered the top five of those and present them to you.

Some of these are free, while others are paid. Each application is customized for specific needs, and in order to have a complete “toolset”, you may need to install more than one.

1. Garden Manager: Plant Alarm (Free)

1 small Top 5 Gardening Apps For AndroidThis app will help you track watering and lubrication times of your plants, by sending you notifications on your smartphone or tablet. It allows you to create a photographic journal of your experiences in the garden and your plants, and you can share this information with friends and colleagues.

With this application you can track the progress of your garden, from seeding to harvesting the fruit and vegetables.

Download Garden Manager: Plant Alarm for Android from here.

2. Garden Squared (Free)

2 small Top 5 Gardening Apps For AndroidThis app allows you to design your vegetable garden in square beds. You can design flowerbeds that take up from 1 by 1 to 4 by 8 square foot plots.

With the help of visuals and detailed information, Garden Squared allows you watch your plants closely. There is a calendar feature, as well as a task tracking feature. You can save the information for your flower beds and progress, and to use it in the future.

Download Garden Squared for Android from here.

3. Landscape & Garden Calculators (Paid)

3 small Top 5 Gardening Apps For AndroidThis app includes 41 calculators that can help you design the space in your garden that you use as a vegetable garden, to the dimensions of the fence you want to make. It contains a lot of information so as to create almost everything you need in your garden or during landscaping. The units are both in metric and US measurement system.

Download Landscape and Garden Calculators for Android from here.

4. Garden Design Ideas (Free)

4 small Top 5 Gardening Apps For AndroidThis app can give you ideas regarding the design and layout of your garden. It also includes photographs from impressive and well-designed gardens. Additionally, you can save and share your own photos from your garden.

It includes designs for different types of gardens, including:

  • Simple, small, modern
  • Garden on a balcony or terrace
  • Garden in the cottage
  • Garden with flower beds
  • Fountains and waterfalls
  • Garden with flowers, Mediterranean garden, etc.

Download Garden Design Ideas for Android here.

5. Gardenate (Paid)

5 small Top 5 Gardening Apps For AndroidThis app provides a lot of information for a wide range of vegetables and herbs that you can plant in your garden. You can add your own notes for each plant separately, in order to develop methods that had the greatest success in your own case, and use them again in the future.

It contains a database with plants and information about them, but you can add your own plants and your own information.

Using Gardenate you can also predict the date of harvesting.

Download Gardenate for Android here.

Download Gardenate for iOS here.

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