Game Review: Jelly Cube - Soft Bomb

Game Review: Jelly Cube - Soft Bomb

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 13 January 2017 · 1987 views

1 medium Game Review Jelly Cube  Soft BombDo you guys like jellies? Fr me they are the best thing after chocolate so it comes with no surprise that I found myself drawn to Jelly Cube. It is a 3-match game that uses a different gameplay compared to what is the norm in this type of games.


In Jelly Cube you are tasked with destroying jelly cubes of same color by tilting the screen in all direction. Tilt the screen by sliding up and down, left and right and the jelly cubes will roll and move to one side due to the laws of gravity, they will pop when the same color match together.

To unlock the Challenge Mode you will first have to complete the Training Mode by scoring over 30,000 points. It might sound like a hard task but trust me it only takes a few minutes after getting the grasp of the game. Jelly Cube is played by sliding the plate up, down, left and right to make the jelly cubes match, and destroyed with the same color. By sliding to each direction the plate tilts accordingly and the jelly cubes roll. When the jelly cubes have stopped moving, if there are 3 or more jelly cubes of the same color lined up next to each other, they will be destroyed. The removal will grant Blue Beans as rewards. After the jelly cubes are destroyed, a new batch of jelly cubes will randomly appear on the plate. When the cubes can’t connect, you touch 2 of those that are of the same color and next to each other and they will connect to become one large jelly. You can then move the jelly cubes downward and as a result of the action you performed earlier, the jelly cubes can now be destroyed. You can use this combination effect too turn many difficult situations in your favor.

4 medium Game Review Jelly Cube  Soft BombThe game also has a timer so if you don’t manage to move the jelly cubes before the timer reaches 0, new jelly cubes will appear at the board. If on the other hand, you manage to match jelly cubes continuously in every round then the fever value will be increased and when it reaches 5, Fever Mode will be enabled. Of course, you can perform more than a 3-match and the larger the match, the higher the score and the number of Blue Beans that you will be rewarded. Also, if you destroy cubes of various colors at the same time you will be rewarded with combo rewards and even more Blue Beans. Daily Missions are also available to make things more exciting.

Special cubes are also available and appear depending on the combos you perform, e.g. the Chameleon Cube which can take on the color of the jelly cubes that are near it and can thus be destroyed along with them, or the dynamite Jelly that will explode and destroy all jelly cubes around it, or the Gold Jelly that rewards you with plenty of coins if destroyed and many more.

It is a very addicting game, especially watching the jellies moving from side to side as they look very realistic and its difficulty level is not very high, which renders it suitable for all. I wasn’t frustrated by it at all. It is actually very pleasant and stress-free.

In-app Purchases

Golden coins are the game’s currency and with them you can purchase Hearts and use power-ups and with Blue Beans you can use the Gatcha machine and win collectible beans. You can purchase coins via IAP in various bundles but you can also watch an ad to earn a few precious ones for free. Other than that there are no more IAPs available.

Graphics & Sounds

Jelly Cubes has adorable 3D designs with realistic jelly movements which is my favorite part. The colors are crystal-clear and the BG music very joyful and fitting.


All in all, Jelly Cube is a lighthearted, fun little game that will keep you company when you need something to relax and to relieve stress. The rules can get confusing at first but when you start performing them, you’ll realize it is actually a very simple game. It is definitely a game for all ages and types of players.

Download Jelly Cube for iOS devices here.

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Jelly Cube screenshots (above) and trailer (below)

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