Working Pokemon Go maps to find your missing pokemons

Working Pokemon Go maps to find your missing pokemons

by Mihai Neacsu on 4 August 2016 · 2218 views

Right now, PokeVision stopped working after the last Pokemon Go update. Since PokeVision used the Niantic API to show you the exact location and despawn time for each pokemon around any given pointer on the map and Niantic killed the pokemon radar entirely, PokeVision was left stranded. So what are your alternatives right now?


Yes, that's right. Skiplagged, the company known for finding cheap flights and hotel rooms, made a Pokemon Go map, which resembles PokeVision a lot. See the map in action here: Skiplagged Pokemon Go Map.


PokeRadar is crowdsourced, meaning it uses reports from players around the world in order to provide its data. This means they have not reverse engineered Niantic's API in order to display results to you. As of now, PokeRadar is still online and can be reached at It's also available for iOS and Android (apk only right now).

Are you violating Niantic's ToS by using these maps?

Yes and no. Unless you are using your own account to search for pokemons with 3rd party tools, you're on the safe side. Theoretically.

The Pokemon Go terms which you agreed to when signing up, read:

"...attempt to access or search the Services or Content, or download Content from the Services through the use of any technology or means other than those provided by Niantic or other generally available third-party web browsers (including, without limitation, automation software, bots, spiders, crawlers, data-mining tools, or hacks, tools, agents, engines, or devices of any kind)...."

While we're discussing ToS, be aware that the same rules apply to using fake GPS spoofing apps in order to 'move' around the Pokemon Go map without actually moving.

So you've been warned. Use these 3rd party solutions at your own risk.

The cat and mouse game

Right now, 3rd party websites providing Pokemon Go maps are receiving cease and desist letters from Niantic, with AppStore and Google Play apps being removed all the time. Users feedback regarding Pokemon Go's own internal pokeradar has been incredibly negative as well.

So, between Niantic trying to shut down all meanings to find pokemons with or without the official radar, and 3rd party developers trying to reverse engineer Niantic's API or provide croud-sourced alternatives, we're left wondering where will this game head to, on the next updates?


What's your Pokemon Go map of choice? What are you using right now and what do you think of Niantic's decision to shut down 3rd party pokemon map providers?

Bonus tip: read our Pokemon Go Beginners Guide.

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