Train your brain with Memorado for iOS

Train your brain with Memorado for iOS

by Gary Oldwood on 3 December 2014 · 3865 views

Memorado Screenshot 1Today’s review is about an app that’s not a game, albeit very useful and entertaining. As we all know, our brain is a muscle that never stops working. Despite that, it can get lazy at times and as a result we experience memory difficulties, lack of concentration, and other issues. In order to improve our memory, concentration, reactions and other difficulties, we have to train our brain and keep it active non-stop.

Having a stronger working memory helps with faster learning and brain connectivity improvement. Scientists have reached the conclusion that strong brain connectivity could slow down dementia; Also, it has been proven that our brain can be trained just like our body. That’s what the developers of Memorado - Brain Games are trying to achieve with this application. But let’s take a closer look to Memorado and see what it’s all about.

According to the developers, Memorado is at the forefront of neuroscience. The people behind the app include neuroscientists who have created games to train memory, concentration and other important brain skills. Based on the science of neuroplasticity, studies have shown that brain training increases working memory and fluid intelligence. If you are interested to learn more about Memorado’s Global Cognition Initiative, you can visit

Moving on to the application itself, it is well-made and the first time you open it, you are greeted with a list of goals for you to set and achieve. For example, you will be asked to rate how important it is for you to remember new names with ease, understand new topics faster, respond better under pressure, stick to your to-do list, improve multi-tasking abilities or improve reactions when put on the spot. You are given three options to choose from in each goal: the first one is “less important”, the second is “important’’, and the last is “very important.” It’s up to the user to choose the level of importance of each goal.

After you’ve completed this task the app will create (and update) personalized daily workouts which are based on your previous choices and the training priorities you chose. Also, as you go on with training, more customized tasks will become available.

The application features more than 300 levels in 10 games to train memory, logic, concentration, reaction and working speed, as well as regular scientific tests and statistics that display the user’s progress and potential.

During training you will be asked to clear tasks such as “Power Memory”, where you have to remember the position of green tiles, “Painted Path,” where you have to think well to paint the path of white tiles, “Stepping Stones” where you have to absorb visual information by tapping on the stones in the order you are asked, “moving balls” where you have to keep your eyes on the ball (or balls) that you’re asked to while new balls keep appearing to confuse you, and “Speedy symbols” where you have to remember the symbol that first appeared and then asked to choose if the next one is the same as the previous. Every time you successfully complete a task you receive a few Brain Points. After you’ve trained by challenging your brain through such tasks, you’ll be presented with statistics that show your progress.

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There are games that are available only to premium members (aka paying users), thus making it impossible to play if you’re using the free version. You are only allowed to check out these games through a free trial. Apart from that, the premium membership allows you to improve 74% faster (on average), offers more personalized workouts, which are updated on a daily basis and optimized for maximum training benefit for the duration of your membership. Again, the in-app purchase demon has appeared.

As for the graphics, they are stunning, calm, and pleasant to the eye. The same could be said about the sound effects as well. The app also offers “how to play” section as well as pause and resume, making it easy to understand and play. You can also receive training reminders (optional, you can change it through the Notification Center) asking you to play in case you’ve forgotten your training.

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Memorado Screenshots

Overall, Memorando is a very useful application that offers both training and enjoyment. I recommend it to anyone who would like to put their brain to the test in a pleasant way that will not tire you or require spending a lot of time on. Over 1 million members exist, which is certainly a good indicator of the liability and success of the application. All you have to do is try it out for yourselves and see the results.

Get Memorado for iOS here.

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kshu's profile
kshu on 5 Dec 2014
I definitely need this app. I played for 2 days, took a 1 day break, then I forgot the name of the app. I definitely need it badly!
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