Stephen Fry Invites Games and Apps Devs to Do a Creative Mash-up of His Memoirs

Stephen Fry Invites Games and Apps Devs to Do a Creative Mash-up of His Memoirs

by Dan Vlasic on 22 November 2014 · 2071 views

A desperate approach to promoting a book, or the new big thing in digital apps marketing? Stephen Fry might be a big name for England, or Twitter, but he can also become a big name for you, too, even if you are a Yankee worshiping Queen Bey. If you are a game or app developer, writer, YouTuber, 3D or graphic designer, you can download the comedian's memoirs and create something of your own based on it. 

Apparently, Stephen Fry got this idea from YouTube - we have all seen how parodies and mash-ups can be even more talented and ingenious, and become more successful than the originals they mock and re-master. Think about Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' and a ton of its parodies - honestly, I prefer parodies; at least, they are funny and the vulgarity in them is justified. 

Mister Fry has made his memoirs, More Fool Me, open-source and downloadable for everyone to experiment with its contents. All you need is a speck of creativity and the guts to get involved and not to be afraid to end up in the spotlight. You can create in any form you prefer and in any language, but the focus is obviously on digital media - apps, games, 3D modeling and audio, or text. 

A special WeTransfer page has been created to let apps and games developers download the samples of text, audio, metadata and images from Fry's two books - More Fool Me and The Fry Chronicles (the guy is not that old, and he's compiled two memoir books!) Penguin Books is also partnering Fry in this, and challenges creatives to get involved and create something based on Fry's memoirs. 

Stephen Fry's passion for technology and literature has found an interesting manifestation in this pitch, so we encourage you check out the guidelines of participation and have a go. The best, or the most unusual submissions will be featured on WeTransfer website with over 60 million users. The winners will also get a Penguin Innovation stamp of recognition on their portfolios. 

Irrespective of the format you choose, you must create a short video (up to 3 minutes)  to showcase it, and submit it until 1st January, 2015. The Fry's website has it put 2014, but that must be a mistake since creations can be still submitted and Fry's own video pitch has been published in fall 2014. As of now, the map shows a very small amount of  submitted projects, so if you are a big fan of Stephen Fry and a web or game developer, you can try your creative hand at his memoirs. For more information on the guidelines, read here

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