SoftBank Acquires ARM

SoftBank Acquires ARM

by Gary Oldwood on 18 July 2016 · 1630 views

1 full SoftBank Acquires ARM

SoftBank is expected to enter the market of integrated circuits with the acquisition of ARM for $32 billion.

ARM Holdings is headquartered in the UK and manufactures integrated circuits and processors for mobile devices and for IoT smart solutions. The company was founded in 1990 and employs 4,064 people, and is considered one of the leading British companies. The acquisition by the Japanese SoftBank it is estimated that the acquisition amount will be paid in cash.

The British government is keen for this acquisition, according to BBC, as it wants to prove that foreign investments haven’t stopped after the recent Brexit. SoftBank believes that after the acquisition, the number of jobs in the UK will double over the next five years, while traffic towards ARM will help the company get even more dynamically in the mobile world, giving emphasis on the part IoT area.

The acquisition will make SoftBank a supplier of some of the largest mobile device manufacturers worldwide. ARM, on the other hand, will be able to expand into markets that was absent from until now, thereby extending the scope of its activities.

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