Remumber: The App That Allows Kids To Learn Their Parents' Phone Numbers

Remumber: The App That Allows Kids To Learn Their Parents' Phone Numbers

by Gary Oldwood on 12 July 2016 · 1602 views

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An app for smartphones which helps kids memorize the phone number of their parents is launched by Missing Children Europe, European federation for missing and sexually exploited children. The app is called Remumber, and enables children to gradually memorize relevant phone numbers.

The application uses the phone number that your kids need to remember as a code to unlock the mobile phone or tablet, and they memorize the number gradually: the child must learn by heart the first 4 digits, and then if he/she is stuck and needs a hint for the next numbers, then the rest of the digits are illuminated.

When the child has memorized the entire code, his/her parents are informed via e-mail and can then enter a new number to remember, leave the initial number for further training or uninstall the application. Delphine Moralis, the Secretary General of the federation, says:

With the Remumber app, we are looking to draw parents' attention to safety during the school holidays and to prevent situation of panic by helping children directly. Knowing a phone number by heart can help keep children safe when parents are not around. It empowers the child to get out of an uncomfortable situation by calling their parents and giving them their location.

For the time being, Remumber is available for Android devices only. You can learn more about Remumber here.

Download Remumber for Android here.

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