Game Review: Mind Drills by ZPLAY

Game Review: Mind Drills by ZPLAY

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 11 July 2016 · 1734 views

4 medium Game Review Mind Drills by ZPLAYSimple games are one of the best ways to relax while on summer vacation or when it’s too hot to get up and go out. Those are the times that I feel the need to play something easy and silly, simply to spend some time during summer. A game that fills these requirements has recently been released and of course I didn’t miss the chance to try it out. I’m talking about Mind Drills by ZPLAY and Galactic Thumb, which got me stuck right from the start.


Mind Drills takes place in space and more precisely inside (or outside) a large circle. Our main character is a lovable duckling that only wants to collect the batteries that appear around the circle. For that, it needs your help to guide it in this seemingly safe-zone, which is not. Deadly drills appear at random all around the circle and even the slightest touch with one of them means instant game over.

The controls are as simple as they can get; all you need to do is tap on your screen to make the duck change path and move between the outside and inside of the circle. Despite being easy to master, the speed with which the duck moves and the drills show up, makes things much more challenging than originally expected. Sometimes it will all seem so hectic that you won’t even know what you’re doing. And that’s a lot of fun!

Now, the batteries are necessary to have if you want to unlock new characters (17 in total) and enrich the experience. The game offers you the chance to earn more by watching ads as well, and I didn’t miss any of these chances because I really wanted to have more of these adorable aliens. In some occasions a power up will also appear, the lightning bolt which gives you the power to transform to the cheering superman mode for a few seconds and run like the wind destroying all drills that come your way.

3 medium Game Review Mind Drills by ZPLAYIn-app Purchases

The only IAP is the ad removal for those who want to experience the game without interventions that distract them.

Graphics & Sounds

Mind Drills has beautiful 2D graphics, smooth crystal-clear colors and adorable designs. Even though it takes place in space and we know that there can’t be a lot of variety in colors, yet the game manages to be pleasant visually and the same goes for the BG music that goes with it.


Aiming for the highest score and surpassing yourself each time is a great feeling and this combined with the almost non-existent frustration, makes for a lovely game to have, perfect for the hot summer evenings. If you’re looking for something easy to grasp then Mind Drills will not disappoint you. Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

Download Mind Drills for iOS devices here.

Mind Drills will be available for Android devices at a later date.

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Mind Drills screenshots (above) and trailer (below)

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