ARMIGA Project: For the Loyal Amiga Fans

ARMIGA Project: For the Loyal Amiga Fans

by Gary Oldwood on 10 July 2016 · 2559 views

How would you react to the idea that you can play your Amiga games on TV from a device that will, at the same time, take you to the past?

That's what the creators of the ARMIGA Project had in mind, and made it a reality. Said device comes in two versions, one that resembles a disc drive (Armiga Full Edition), and one that is simpler (Small Sized Edition).

Both devices has the same technical specs. They have a Dual Core ARM CPU, and emulate the Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM, offer HDMI output to 720p and support 16:9, 4:3 and non-linear screen modes. The micro SD Card reader and USB port allows you to play games in ADF format, and the Full Edition includes a custom floppy controller which allows dumps of unprotected disks in ADF files.

The ARMIGA Project also supports flash drives, gamepads, keyboards and mice, so you can adjust it completely to your needs.

1 large ARMIGA Project For the Loyal Amiga Fans

For those who are not interested for the big case with floppy disc support, they can grab the Small Sized Edition, which is a lot smaller and only has the necessary connection ports.

2 large ARMIGA Project For the Loyal Amiga Fans

Through a simple menu, the user can load games in different ways (ADF from floppies, ADF images from SD Card and ADF Images from USB), browse his list, save anywhere (even in games that were not designed with this feature), and can even use a virtual keyboard. Simultaneously, those who buy the device also get a legal copy of Kickstart 1.3. Finally, the device connects to the internet so that it can receive all relevant updates (though the updates can be installed via the micro SD card slot too).

Below you can watch a video with the features of the ARMIGA Project:

You can buy the two editions of the ARMIGA Project from the official site. ARMIGA Full Edition (Floppy Disc Drive) costs 169€ (about $187) and ARMIGA Small Sized Edition costs 119€ (about $131).

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