Doppler Lands on Windows Phone; Drops Its Price

Doppler Lands on Windows Phone; Drops Its Price

by Dan Vlasic on 21 March 2015 · 1959 views

2 medium Doppler Lands on Windows Phone Drops Its PriceDoppler [Android, iOS, Windows Phone]

Developer: My Go Studio Ltd
Genre: Action

We reviewed Doppler for Android last year, and were thoroughly impressed by its infinite twitch challenge, awesome design and excellent, but hard gameplay. We even had the luck to interview Joe Lamont-Fisher, one of the two masterminds behind Doppler. Last week, Joe was so kind to share some wonderful news with us – Doppler game has been successfully ported on Windows Phone.

Another good news for the Windows Phone owners is that the Windows port is free, ad-supported and if you feel like supporting the indie developers, you can remove ads for $0.99. To match this transition, Doppler also cuts its prices on Google Play and iTunes to $0.99, too.

For those of you who haven't played the game, yet, here is a quick heads up. A nearly impossible abstract twitch game, Doppler has you controlling two electrified spheres on their infinite journey into the vortex of a digital universe, beautiful and mysterious. Their fates are interconnected because they can only advance if they come close and create a charged connection. The difficulty is there is an electrified space noodle in between them, and if they should come too close to it and hit it, it creates small electrical bursts and it's a game over. Likewise, if the two spheres move too far apart – game over, again. The true challenge is the space noodle wiggles and dances as crazy.

Hence, you need to position your device on a flat surface, or on a stand, and use your both hands simultaneously to control the two heroes. For more insight on the gameplay, read our review or Joe's interview – he also shares some tips and tricks with our readers.

If you enjoy a nerve-breaking challenge in your twitch games, get Doppler – it's wonderful.

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