Best Android & iOS Apps For Travelling!

Best Android & iOS Apps For Travelling!

by Gary Oldwood on 21 June 2016 · 1572 views

All aspects of our lives have been affected by the development of smartphone technology, since there are apps for virtually everything we do. However, the field which has been transformed completely is traveling, since there are plenty of applications that can make trips a lot more organized, cheap and above all, enjoyable.

Regardless of the occasion (holiday or business trip) or the destination (abroad or in the country) of your trip, along with the necessary items you take with you, do not forget to download to your smartphone the following applications.

1 full Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling1. Skyscanner

It is one of the most valuable tools, because as you can figure from the name of the service, the aim is to find the best and cheapest tickets for your trip. Skyscanner, as an app, gives you the ability to track the price of your flights and informs you whenever there is a change in price. It’s absolutely necessary, if you’re looking for cheap ticket prices!

Download Skyscanner for Android here.

Download Skyscanner for iOS here.

2 thumb Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling2. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight, as its name suggests, is here to make life easy for those who were unlucky enough to have a last-minute flight reservation or an unexpected delay that cost their flight, or had to make an unplanned trip. This application includes hotels from all the cities in the world, with special room offers if you book at the last minute or in the time period of one week. It’s completely essential for unexpected events!

Download Hotel Tonight for Android here.

Download Hotel Tonight for iOS here.

3 thumb Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling3. Airbnb

This is the app of the popular Airbnb service, and makes finding accommodationeasier and more pleasant. If you have not heard of Airbnb, this is a chance to find out what it is about, as it is quite advantageous for groups, and opens up new horizons in your travels as well. Quite essential for alternative types of people, and students.

Download Airbnb for Android here.

Download Airbnb for iOS here.

4 thumb Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling4. Wifi-Finder

If your trip is limited within your country, then you will be covered in terms of communication and internet access (for the most part at least). But when you travel abroad, your mobile data that you have will not be available. So it is important to know where there are open WiFi access points in the place you will be visiting, so that you don’t have to go through all the cafeterias in order to find free WiFi! It’s an essential app for everyone.

Download Wifi-Finder for Android here.

Download Wifi-Finder for iOS here.

5 thumb Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling5. CityMapper

Maps and travelling are two things that are basically “connected” to each other. You can use Google Maps, since it’s pre-installed in your device, but if you want a more complete solution (or if you want to be the guy who’s the most experienced between your companions), try Citymapper. It has high-precision routes for all major cities and downloadable maps, so it’s available when you're offline as well. Quite useful app, if Google Maps is not suitable for you!

Download CityMapper for Android here.

Download CityMapper for iOS here.

6 thumb Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling6. Foursquare

To enjoy your stay in the city that you’re visiting, you should know what places to go to, and I’m not talking about sightseeing. With Foursquare you will discover the best shops and places to eat, drink and entertain yourself based on the ratings and comments from previous customers. Highly recommended app.

Download Foursquare for Android here.

Download Foursquare for iOS here.

7 thumb Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling7. Foodspotting

As the name suggests, this is an application exclusively for food, and if you spend all day exploring the city you’re visiting, you will definitely want a good meal afterwards. The application is not just limited to finding available restaurants around you, but also includes their menus, as well as their reviews. It’s an indispensable app for the lovers of good food.

Download Foodspotting for Android here.

Download Foodspotting for iOS here.

8 thumb Best Android  iOS Apps For Travelling8. TripAdvisor

Last but not least, TripAdvisor is an application that does pretty much everything. You will find all the information about the trip that you’re planning and the places you should visit in order to get organized better. Apart from the typical features, the “Activities” and “Neighborhoods” features are quite useful, since they offer a more complete experience. Highly recommended app for any traveler.

Download TripAdvisor for Android here.

Download TripAdvisor for iOS here.

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kshu's profile
kshu on 22 Jun 2016
I gave Skyscanner a shot recently. I was booking a flight to Germany and Skyscanner showed a good offer on Air Berlin, however, when using the Air Berlin site, the price was higher for the same flight.

Other flight search sites showed the same price as the Air Berlin site, so I concluded that Skyscanner's results must be cached.

I was a bit disappointing and re-installed Kayak, the app I was previously using for flight searches.
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