Apple Responds to Bent iPhone 6 Plus Complaints: Not a Common Problem

Apple Responds to Bent iPhone 6 Plus Complaints: Not a Common Problem

by Chris Thomas on 26 September 2014 · 2005 views

1 medium Apple Responds to Bent iPhone 6 Plus Complaints Not a Common ProblemYesterday we covered the bending iPhone 6 Plus problem, which has been causing a storm across the internet the past couple of days. To most of us this appeared to be a very major problem that could even be described as an inherent flaw built-in to the massively hyped and much-anticipated iPhone 6 Plus phablet – for those of you who don't know, a “phablet” is a smartphone that is closer to the size of a small tablet.

However, as surprising as the entire bending story has been. Apple representatives seem to be playing down the issue significantly, stating in essence that the problem is “extremely rare.”

After about a week of people complaining around the web and on social media, the Cupertino-based tech giant is finally issuing an official response.

Only 9 Complaints So Far?

With so much buzz surrounding the issue you would think that there are at least several hundred, if not thousands of people who have already bent their iPhone 6 Plus. But according to Apple, that simply isn't true – there have only been 9 complaints sent to Apple thus far.

Could this be a case of consumers not taking the initiative to send in their complaints directly to Apple, or is the problem really that uncommon?

Actually, the 9 complaints mentioned by Apple do not take into account the customers who have complained directly to retail outlets and insurance companies about the issue, and it certainly can't take into account the number of people complaining about it online, as there would surely be more than 9.

Apple Insists the iPhone 6 has been Tested for Durability

In response to many people claiming that the iPhone 6 is made from inferior materials, Apple has stated that the device has been given a “precision engineered unibody enclosure” made from “6000 series anodized aluminum, which is tempered for extra strength.”

Apple also went on to state that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are equipped with titanium and stainless steel inserts that are strategically placed to reinforce stress locations. Overall, Apple says that bending an iPhone 6 through regular use is very unlikely and “extremely rare.”

But that leads us to ask the question:

“How come we haven't seen any other smartphones being criticizes for bending as much as this then?”

Of course, 9 official complaints doesn't seem bad on the surface, but in reality the device has only been on the market for 6 days, so that averages out to more than one complaint per day.

Should You Worry About your iPhone 6 Plus Bending?

The fact is, if your jeans are tight enough, and you put the lengthy, super-thin iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket sideways, and then sit down rapidly, there is a very good chance that the device will endure some degree of bending. Now, whether it will actually become dented permanently or just warp into a slight curve will depend on how tight your pants are and how fast you sit down – no joke intended, but to is actually quite comical that iPhone 6 Plus owners have to take these factors into consideration just to transport their phone, but then again most iPhone users aspire to purchase highly durable cases for their beloved devices, case in point - the Otterbox.

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