StackSocial Introduces 'Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle' App Special – Get 10 Awesome Apps for Less than $12

StackSocial Introduces 'Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle' App Special – Get 10 Awesome Apps for Less than $12

by Chris Thomas on 26 June 2014 · 2570 views

Get the bundle here!, a fast-growing app marketplace, is now running an interesting promotion in which it is practically giving away ten excellent apps in a limited time 'name your own price' deal. The unique “Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle” is part of a joint venture that involves some of the best Apple App developers around. The promotion could bring additional attention to the company's already burgeoning app commerce platform, which currently consists of a community of more than 400,000 developers, gamers, and techies.

Pay More than the Average for Three to Get the Whole Bundle of Ten, Pay More for a Chance to Win a MacBook Air

The whole “name your own price” perk does come with a slight stipulation that should be mentioned. You actually only get to name your own price for the apps entitled DiscLabel, SyncMate Expert 5, and Tangerine. However, if you choose to pay more than the average price for those three apps, then you'll receive the rest of the bundle at no cost. At the moment, the average combined price for all three of the aforementioned titles is almost $12.

So, for $12 you get licenses to the full working versions of all ten apps mentioned below, which altogether form a combined value of more than $400. Alternatively, you can name your price high enough to make the leaderboard (right now the leader is at $104) and although you'll be paying more for the app bundle this way, you'll also have the chance to win a free MacBook Air.

Here is a brief list of the ten Mac apps included in the bundle:

  1. Path Finder 6 – A leading file search and management utility, this app is perhaps the highlight of the whole bundle
  2. Fantastical – A unique and innovative calendar app that easily integrates with other apps and allows for simplified event management
  3. Flux 4 – A simplified yet powerful website builder that offers professional features and design templates and requires no coding skills
  4. Gemini – Quickly locates and deletes duplicate files to save space – simplistic, yet effective
  5. Logoist – One of the top logo creator apps out there, with over 3,000 vector clipart images, 100+ templates, and a broad range of tools and settings. There really isn't any logo maker for iOS or Android that can hold a candle to Logoist.
  6. Tunes Cleaner – Optimizes and corrects your iTunes library by deleting duplicate songs and inserting appropriate album art and song titles
  7. MacX iPhone DVD Ripper – the title says it all – can rip any DVD directly to your iPhone, iPad, iTunes Library, or Apple TV account.
  8. DiscLabel – Quickly and easily create comprehensive and accurate labels for your burned discs by importing track list data and album cover artwork directly from the iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD, Aperture, and iDVD libraries.
  9. SyncMate Expert 5 – synchronizes all activity and data on your Mac directly to your Android or iOS devices.
  10. Tangerine – A robust mixing/playist-making app that makes managing and enjoying your media library a fun and creative process.

Percentage of Profits Going to Charity

If the sheer savings and the value of the included apps wasn't enough, StackSocial has gone the extra mile by choosing to donate 10% of the sale's profits to one of the following charities of your choice: World Wildlife Fund, Creative Commons, and Child's Play.

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