"Security" Is The Main Reason For Europeans To Adopt Smart Home Technologies

"Security" Is The Main Reason For Europeans To Adopt Smart Home Technologies

by Gary Oldwood on 14 July 2016 · 1458 views

1 large Security Is The Main Reason For Europeans To Adopt Smart Home Technologies

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The majority of Europeans is getting more and more aware of the advantages of having a Smart Home, according to a recent research conducted by D-Link.

According to the survey, the main reason to buy a smart home device is “to make my home more secure”, a motive that is twice as popular as the “save money” preference. A stronger proof of this assumption is that the three most popular products the respondents said they wanted to buy this year are surveillance cameras (23%), smart plugs (25%), and motion detectors (14%).

When asked in which areas they wanted more help from future smart home technologies, most respondents said in the area of advanced security, so that for example, when they are not at home, they should not have to worry about whether a window is left open. More than one third also mentioned the management of the house, so that when they go to bed there is no need to get up to turn off the lights or check if the door is closed. Despite the increase in services for streaming music and films, only a 13% saw entertainment as the main benefit.

Almost one third of the respondents wants to “simply automate the house”, while more than 10% want smart devices to control their pets or monitor small children. The survey also revealed a clear desire for simplicity, with more than half saying they want to manage everything from a single app in their smartphone.

The top five areas that people would like to help by Smart Home Technologies:

  1. Providing advanced security (44%)
  2. Help leaving the house (36%)
  3. Help manage the house before going to bed (27%)
  4. To be welcomed home (26%)
  5. Be entertained (15%)

The top five reasons for purchasing a smart home device are:

  1. To make my home safer (45%)
  2. To automate my home (31%)
  3. To remotely access and control my devices (26%)
  4. To save money (18%)
  5. To watch over my pets and children (13%)

[Source: D-Link]

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