Rumors About Upgraded Battery in iPhone 7

Rumors About Upgraded Battery in iPhone 7

by Gary Oldwood on 14 July 2016 · 1760 views

1 large Rumors About Upgraded Battery in iPhone 7

New information was leaked by OnLeaks (who is relatively known for his reliable leaks) about the iPhone 7 that mentions that it will have an upgraded battery, which will have a total capacity of 1.960 mAh.

The battery of the upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to give Apple’s new model improved autonomy than previous models, since a capacity of 1.960 mAh is improved by 14% compared with the battery that was equipped to the iPhone 6S. It is worth noting at this point that the iPhone 6S had a smaller battery of smaller capacity than the previous model, which makes the rumors of a bigger battery in the iPhone 7 extremely welcome.

More specifically, the iPhone 6 had a 1.810 mAh battery, while the battery’s capacity of the iPhone 6S was 1.715 mAh, which makes the increase to 1.960 mAh is more than desirable, actually. However, according to Slashgear, the iPhone 7 will need increased autonomy due to the advanced technical specs and the Apple A10 chip that will be used, which will be more demanding in terms of energy.

Phone Arena, however, stresses that the 1.960 mAh battery will be included in the iPhone 7 that will have a 4.7-inch screen, while the model with the 5.5-inch screen will have a battery of an even higher capacity, which will probably reach 2.700 mAh.

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