Samsung readies the Galaxy S6 and S Edge

Samsung readies the Galaxy S6 and S Edge

by Pete Daniel on 27 January 2015 · 2917 views

Interest levels are increasing around Samsung and their upcoming replacement to the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is their flagship phone outside of the phablet category. The 5.1-inch 1080p dust- and water-resistant device has since seen an upgrade to include the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop by default in select markets, but the Galaxy S6 is expected within the next couple of months with even more juicy specifications.

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Side display on the Galaxy Note Edge

News Slips Out About S Edge

An interesting curiosity for the Korean handset maker was the Galaxy Note Edge which had extremely limited availability but offered a unique side screen display which could display notifications, clocks, reminders, and more.

Now according to the information inadvertently published inside the HTML code of a page on the Vodafone Netherlands web site, the S6 will come with a new variant, the S Edge. It is not yet known whether the design will keep to the single side curved edge screen or if the curved screen will appear on both sides of the front of the device this time.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (White color)

Rumored Specifications of the S6

The likelihood is that the Galaxy S6 will come with a Quad HD display sporting 1440p and a high pixels per inch count. This resolution is now superceding the previous 1080p expectation for high-end devices. Their own Super AMOLED touchscreen, of course, will be the order of the day from Samsung.

Either the Samsung Exynos 7420 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset will be included if Qualcomm can provide an alternative version of the 810 chipset in time to respond to complaints by Samsung that the 810 it was overheating inside their new design casing.

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Back casing on the Galaxy S5

The camera is likely to have a 16 to 20 megapixel sensor with improved light levels particularly for low-light shooting and night shooting, but don't expect too much here.

The handset is likely to debut at the MWC 2015 show in March unless Samsung opts to wait for the Qualcomm 810 chipset in which case it may miss that deadline.

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