Path Talk Provides an Easy Way to Text Businesses Instead of Calling Them

Path Talk Provides an Easy Way to Text Businesses Instead of Calling Them

by Chris Thomas on 7 October 2014 · 1114 views

1 large Path Talk Provides an Easy Way to Text Businesses Instead of Calling ThemIf you've ever been put on hold by a receptionist or customer service representative, you know just how difficult it can sometimes be to get in touch with a business and have your concerns heard. After clearing a slew of hurdles and waiting patiently to speak to someone you finally get the opportunity to voice your opinion, but afterwards you wish that you would have said it better, or maybe you even forgot to mention something.

If only there was a fast way to send the company a letter, email, or text message that won't be disregarded as spam or shrugged off with a preset response. Well, now an app called Path Talk can give you the power to reach out to businesses via text message, and even more importantly, the app seems to be surprisingly effective at facilitating fast responses. So how does it work, you ask?

You Text and Path Talk Calls For You

In order for this whole “sending texts to businesses” thing to work out you would think that participating companies would have to download an app and have an employee tend to incoming messages. If that's the way you envisioned Path Talk working, you've got it all wrong. Here's how it really works:

You send a text to the business of your choice, asking a question of your choice. Path's call center then calls the store you're trying to text, relays your message, and sends you an answer to your question in the form of a text message.

Although wait times will vary depending on the business you're trying to contact and various other obvious factors, usually the whole process can be completed in less than 10 minutes from the time you send the text message.

Path Talk Not New, 'Message Places' Feature is Though

The Path Talk app itself is not brand new – it is a messaging client that has been out for a number of months now. However, the 'Message Places' feature is a brand new addition that the company hopes will bring some extra attention to the app. After all, it is a unique and potentially useful feature.

Let's say for example you're driving on the way to a convention and you have a question about the venue but you don't have the time or ability to look up the number, dial it, and wait on hold to ask your question, let alone writing down the answer so you don't forget it. Simply text the question to the place of your choice within Path Talk and their call centers will take care of the rest. Within a few minutes you'll be greeted by the answer you're looking for in a neat text message that can't be forgotten or misplaced.

So to summarize, the new Path Talk 'message places' feature helps out in three main ways:

  • gives you a way to send text messages to businesses that would otherwise communicate via phone or email only

  • saves you the time and hassle of having to manually contact the business yourself

  • provides answers in a text message that can be referenced later on, as opposed to receiving an answer over the phone and having to memorize it or write it down

Path Talk is also available for Android.

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