New site feature: Download3K's Online File Converter

New site feature: Download3K's Online File Converter

by Mihai Neacsu on 7 December 2017 · 9327 views

Today we're happy to announce a new feature on Download3k, an online file converter, available at:

With this tool you can upload images (photos), convert them to different image formats, then download the results.

At this time, the tool is in test mode only with daily file limits of 100 files or 100 MB per day. Also, the available image extensions to be converted from and to are limited to: BMP, EPS, GIF, ICO, JPG, ODD, PDF, PNG, PS, PSD, TIFF, WebP.

Support for HEIC (read more about heic): The tool can also convert HEIC files to JPG, HEIC to BMP, HEIC to PNGHEIC to WebP, and HEIC to PDF. It won't convert the other way around, from other image formats to HEIC.


In regards to what happen to the files you upload on our server, the process is pretty straightforward:

  • All transfers (uploads and downloads) are carried over HTTPS, encrypted with a TLS/SSL certificate, and therefore are kept safe from third parties.
  • All transfers and conversions are performed automatically, with no manual interaction.
  • We do not look into your files, we do not make copies, we do not share your files.
  • After 24 hours, all the uploaded files and the resulting conversion files are automatically deleted from our servers - we make no backups.
  • Our statistics log collects the following data automatically: 1) the number of uploaded and downloaded files; 2) the file extensions of your uploads and downloads, 3) the size of the uploaded and downloaded files.
  • We log your IP address to prevent abuse of the service but we do not link it to any personally identifiable information.

If you have a privacy concern that was not addressed already, leave a comment here or write to us at and we'll answer.

Your feedback

We'll appreciate all your suggestions, feature requests, and bug reports. You can send them at or you can simply leave a comment below. Based on your feedback, we'll be able to make the converter more complex.

Possible upgrades include:

  • Support for more file formats: documents, audio files, raw photography files, fonts, ebook formats.
  • Various options applicable to different categories of files, for example resizing for pictures, different bitrate output for audio files, and so on.
  • The ability to download all converted files in a single archive.

So let us know how you would want this tool to evolve!

Download3K's Online File Conversion Tool

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