New features revealed about Microsoft's new browser "Spartan"

New features revealed about Microsoft's new browser "Spartan"

by Gary Oldwood on 17 January 2015 · 1917 views

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We were all pretty excited when news about Microsoft’s new browser, namely Spartan came out and now we have some interesting information about it to share with you.

Features of the new Spartan Browser

1. Spartan will integrate with Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, which means that users will be able to look up hotel bookings, flight statuses, and track packages all via the address bar.

2. It will offer digital inking; this means that people who use Windows 10 will be able to write notes on web pages using a stylus, and will then be able to send the notes to other users. In additions, the users will be able to store web pages in OneDrive, to have complete access to them from any browser.

3. It will let users organize and group their tabs in any way they prefer, and they’ll also be able to open multiple sites in a group of tabs. As a result they won't have many different tabs open, (in contrast to what happens now).

4. Spartan will replace Metro, which was part of Windows 8.

5. The new browser will be functional on PCs, tablets and phones.

6. Apart from that, Spartan will have a function implemented which will allow the user to separate the text from the rest of the web article, and display only that.

7. In addition, it will have a borderless window that will allow web contents to stretch to the screen's edges.

As you can see, Spartan will be very different than what users were used to in Windows 8 and Vista.

Regarding its official presentation date, speculations have it that it might happen on Jan. 21, the same day as the announcement of Windows 10. And we might get a beta version release in early Spring. (Update: This is now confirmed.)

The features look very promising and I can’t wait for the final result to have a more concrete opinion about it.

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