Millennials More Willing To Go Offline On Vacations

Millennials More Willing To Go Offline On Vacations

by Gary Oldwood on 15 July 2016 · 1633 views

1 full Millennials More Willing To Go Offline On Vacations

Those who belong to the group of millennials appear more willing to stay offline during vacations, than modern 40 and 50 year olds.

According to a survey conducted by Intel Security, 49% of the millennials in US are willing to let smartphones and media tablets aside and enjoy their summer vacations, while from the “Generation X” age group, which consists of modern 40 and 50-year-old users, only the 37% said that they want to stay offline during vacations. Another interesting point is that from the survey’s participants, only the 55% said that, even though they want to remain offline while on vacations, cannot actually achieve it.

According to this survey, two-thirds of the respondents said that looked their devices almost every day for new emails during their vacations. Regarding genders, women proved to be more attached to technology than men. 13.960 people participated in the survey between the ages of 21 to 54. One of the research’s conclusion worth noting is that, from those who managed to stay offline on their vacations, the 65% claimed that this action helped them have a better time.

Perhaps, it’s time to turn off the smartphone for a while?

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