LG Presents LG Action Cam, GoPro's Competitor

LG Presents LG Action Cam, GoPro's Competitor

by Gary Oldwood on 2 August 2016 · 2021 views

1 large LG Presents LG Action Cam GoPros Competitor

LG presents its own product in the category of action cameras, the LG Action Cam, as a response to the popular GoPro.

The LG Action Cam is different from the competition in that it has an embedded LTE transceiver, which means it can connect to the internet using mobile data. Apart from that, it can be connected via Wi-Fi, and also includes a USB Type C port. Finally, Bluetooth couldn’t be missing from such a complete device. As an action camera should be, LG's Action cam is waterproof, resistant to hits and dust, and can withstand any kind of hardships.

The LG Action Cam captures images in Ultra HD quality at 30 frames per second, Full HD at 60 fps and simple HD at 120 fps. You have the ability to live stream with it in HD quality and 30 fps, and is equipped with a 1400 mAh battery to avoid problems with autonomy. As for photos, a 12.3MP sensor takes care of them, while all the material can be stored on microSD cards.

The internal ROM has 4 GB, occupied entirely by the operating system and the camera’s software. The camera has 2 GB RAM and supports microSD cards up to 2TB. LG Action Cam will be available in most countries of the world, but there is no information on the price and availability as of yet.

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