Inner Circle featured in 121 countries!

Inner Circle featured in 121 countries!

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 13 July 2016 · 1502 views

Our recently reviewed game, Inner Circle by ZPLAY has secured a top spot in the app store in 121 countries. This comes with no surprise considering how addicting the gameplay is and the challenging nature of the game. It combines an interesting mix of fun and beautiful graphics that attract the player and make it stand out among other puzzlers available.

In Inner Circle the player must match the colors of the rings to those of the circle at the center of the screen. The colors are four and they change depending on the level you're in. You tap to rotate the rings to the right position before they reach the inner circle and you can also swipe to shrink them quickly and connect them to the circle. The goal is to make the inner circle bigger and bigger with each ring that appears. If you misplace the colors, then it is game over. 

The balance between simplicity and difficulty levels is also a feature that made Inner Circle a favorite among players. If you want to experience the magic that is Inner Circle, grab it now for free on iOS.

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