How to Navigate Offline For Free on Your iOS or Android Phone

How to Navigate Offline For Free on Your iOS or Android Phone

by Chris Thomas on 7 April 2014 · 1591 views

If you've ever been lost somewhere with no signal on your mobile phone then you know just how frustrating it is to be stuck without navigation due to a lack of connectivity. Fortunately, there are several ways for users of the Android and iOS operating systems to navigate without an internet connection for free. First, although you won't need an internet connection to use the app once you've downloaded the maps, you will need to download/install it while your phone is connected to the internet. So before we go any further we'll introduce you to the best techniques and apps for navigating offline without a data connection:

1. Using Google Maps

This method is not very advanced but it can work from any internet-connected device (again, you will not need the internet once you have downloaded the maps you need). Most people are unaware that Google Maps lets you download map data and then use it while you're offline. Unfortunately, you can't download multiple map areas at once. You can only lock in the area of the map that you would like to use while offline by typing “OK maps” into the Maps search bar or accessing the “Make available offline” menu through the settings menu on your mobile device (as shown in the picture below) after you've zoomed into the section of the map that you'd like to view offline.

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After taking the above action your device will then cache the screenshot of the map you've zoomed into and you'll be free to browse through it without an internet connection. Of course if you want actual navigation capabilities then you'll want to consider one of the following apps for Android or iOS:

2. Using NavFree (For Android)

This app is a powerful tool for the Android operating system that lets you store maps directly on your device so that you can receive detailed and accurate directions even when you have no access to the internet. The program features completely guided voice navigation, high-definition maps, instant rerouting capabilities (in case you miss a turn), and the option to upgrade to premium content including traffic conditions, safety camera snapshots, built-in Google street view, and even celebrity voices used for navigation. We would provide step-by-step instruction on how to use the app, but in all actuality it is relatively self-explanatory.

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3. Using CoPilot GPS (For iOS)

This app makes it easy to download maps and directions onto your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device so that you can navigate later on when you don't have access to an internet/data connection. This is not only convenient because it keeps you from getting lost while offline, it can also save you mobile data if you make an effort to download the maps that you need on a regular basis. CoPilot offers superb exploration features with directional assistance that can guide you through offline maps even when there is no data connection on your phone or mobile device.

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