Hidden objects game Abyss free for a limited time!

Hidden objects game Abyss free for a limited time!

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 19 February 2015 · 4300 views

Abyss BannerAbyss: The Wraiths of Eden is free for purchase as a WHOLE for a limited time only on iOS devices. While the game is available for Android no update has been made regarding this offer so it is not certain whether it is for both of them or not.

Nonetheless, it is available for free and then you can purchase the full game with a one-time payment. The news of this offer are great because such games rarely go for free and I hope you all manage to grab it before the time runs out. Unfortunately it is not stated for how long the offer will be available so act fast!

Hopefully the Android version of the game will be updated with this offer soon.

The game itself is amazing and I can’t deny that one of the reasons I loved it is because of the really obvious Bioshock hints. Some people have been angry about how similar to Bioshock it looks but for me it only means more fun and mysterious adventures. Another reason I enjoyed this game so much is that hidden objects games are among my favorites as it puts you into detective mode and who doesn’t love a good mystery after all?


Abyss Screenshot 1Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden tells in real-time the story of a young woman who has lost contact with her boyfriend after he went diving and has since disappeared. After she reaches his last known position underwater, she comes across an underwater city, abandoned by the looks of it, with great architecture and art. Yes I think you can see the similarities with Bioshock’s Rapture city. Only in this game it all takes place underwater and the city is not as…lively as Bioshock’s equivalent. The creepy and eerie atmosphere make things even spookier for the player.

Eden used to be a thriving city with great glory and richness, or at least that's what the debris tell us. Now, it's a scary place inhabited by...not so human citizens.


Abyss Screenshot 2The gameplay follows the standard rules of the genre, with hidden object scenes, puzzles, and mini-games. In hidden objects scenes you are given a list of items that you must find and to make things more challenging some objects work as traps and need to be moved to reveal the items that is on the list, or be placed next to another item to form a whole. Needless to say, although it is quite easy to find the hidden items, I found this very clever and challenging. Apart from hidden objects, you are given puzzles to solve, like finding keys to open doors, containers or other objects that go to inventory for future use. Nothing goes unused and everything has its purpose. When you enter a room or any outdoor place, you will notice sparks in different places, those sparks show you where you have to tap to find the next challenge.

There are also some mini game style puzzles to solve such us like jigsaw puzzles, tile rotation and sliding puzzles and many more. Personally I found the rotating puzzles the most time consuming. Other puzzles include constructing items by choosing among tools you are given or fixing a torn map and swapping puzzle pieces that open doors and you’ll need to find the missing pieces first. Depending on how careful you are you will find these challenges hard or fairly easy. The truth is that the game has a little bit of both. Some answers were easy to find while others forced me to press the “hint” button. Speaking of which, the hint button is really helpful and only takes a few seconds to recharge after you have used the maximum time. My advice is to use it only of you get stuck for a long time because for every other challenge you can figure out the solution if you put your mind to it.

Abyss Screenshot 3Sometimes you will have to go back to a previous location so don’t think that you only move forward. As I said earlier no object or puzzle is there by accident. All need to be solved and if something wasn’t solved you will find the solution to another location and then you have to remember to go back to use it.

The game also relies a bit on the shock factor so prepare to be spooked at moments. It’s not a horror game though so these moments are few and at least for me they served their purpose!

You can make use of a map that helps you locate your current point and where each segment is. Each segment/chapter introduces something new and doesn't look like the rest. 

You can choose among three difficulty levels: Casual, Advanced mode, and Expert Mode. You should start with Casual and depending on how much you want to play the game for a second (or more) time you can choose a more challenging Mode.


Controls are all about taping and/or sliding. They work well although I noticed that I had to tap more than once to have the command be accepted when there was text at the screen.

Graphics and Music

Abyss Screenshot 4The designs are beautiful and the developers did a good job of creating an appealing and vintage city of Eden. The art is gorgeous and environments are detailed with colors that range from vibrant to more dark tones. That’s to be expected as the atmosphere is spooky and mysterious.

The cinematics surprised me with how well-made the 3D designs are and also it was amazing that there are so many during the game. Also, they are fully dubbed and even in-game there are dubbed parts.


In conclusion, I enjoyed Abyss to the fullest. It might be too similar to Bioshock but that doesn’t make the game less interesting or suspenseful. Hidden objects games are meant to be played once because without the mystery they’re not so fun anymore but they’re amazing while they last and Abyss is no exception. Especially with the limited time offer I doubt there will be anyone who will regret playing it. So grab it while you can!

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chrisy on 19 Feb 2015
Offer now available for Android devices here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.g5e.abyss.android.giveaway.full
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chrisy on 19 Feb 2015
For the full free version in HD go here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id561084739?mt=8
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