Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with SAS: Zombie Assault 4

Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with SAS: Zombie Assault 4

by Gary Oldwood on 30 October 2014 · 5024 views

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Ninja Kiwi has only recently released their new post-apocalyptic game SAS: Zombie Assault 4. The same developer has graced us with other wonderful games in the past, such as Bloons Tower Defence 5 and the previous instalments on SAS. As a result, gamers can't help but have high hopes for this new game.

Game Description

Let’s start from the game’s plot. The game takes place in the far future on a distant trans-federation planet. Everything goes wrong when a virus that was thought extinct returns to infect everyone that comes in its way. What follows is the waking of a zombie horde that, as expected, attacks the living, causing a huge outbreak and threatening humanity’s existence. The only people capable of facing such a powerful and sinister enemy are the special forces of the SAS, who are highly skilled and equipped with the best weapons.

The player can choose a character from 3 character classes (medic, assault and heavy), and during the game can customize his skills, as well as select from a variety of weapons and armour pieces to increase the character’s strength. Apart from single player mode, the game also has a multiplayer mode that up to 4 players can join at a time.

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But the zombies are not exactly weak either; they come in many forms and sizes. There are up to 17 zombie types, each one with unique special attacks and behaviour, and as if it wasn't bad enough already, they can evolve and use new powers as you progress through the game. It takes many bullets to kill them and there seems to be no end to them, making the levels quite hard to clear. The boss zombies are huge and spit green acid warms that cause a lot of damage to the player. Thankfully, it takes more than one spit to kill off your character.

The controls are the one thing that was kind of hard to get used to. You use the left control to move and the right to shoot, but it's actually harder than it sounds since it's hard to point the gun to the right direction. It gets easier with practice though.

The graphics are not all that great, but the gore is definitely there for us bloodthirsty gamers. Speaking of gore, the game provides an option for those who don’t want to see it; it’s right in the Options screen (look for “Gore”) and it removes the blood when it's off. I consider this very appropriate and definitely a plus for the game as it’s recommended for players of ages 12+.

What I noticed though is that the multiplayer has a few noticeable flaws, such as the inability to invite friends and sometimes it kicks you (or another player) out of the game. Also, acquiring armour and weapons is difficult and confusing (or maybe it's just me?).

Apart from that, it's an addicting game and worth checking out. I forgot to mention that it comes with in-app purchases, but that option is for items only and you can disable it from your device's settings.

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5 full Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with SAS Zombie Assault 4SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is available for iOS devices only for the time being, but as with the other releases of Ninja Kiwi, an android version of the game is quite probable.

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