Game Review: Help MicroCube bounce and avoid obstacles!

Game Review: Help MicroCube bounce and avoid obstacles!

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 3 August 2016 · 1825 views

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MicroCube is a fun endless running game designed with a single premise, and that is to offer you a great way to spend your time as you improve your skills and become better and better! At its core, the experience is simple.

2 medium Game Review Help MicroCube bounce and avoid obstaclesMicroCube requires you to hold the finger on the screen to move and one you do so you will have to keep your cube alive for as much time as you can. It might sound easy at first but I can assure you it will get more and challenging as you play.

The game doesn’t have any learning curve, that’s what I liked about it a lot. You just boot it up and start playing without having to deal with any issues and stuff like that. MicroCube is also a minimalist game so it will definitely be appreciated by people that love minimalist stuff. It’s a huge fun to play if you like the idea of saving a cute cube but there will be a lot of death here as well.

The developers added a whole lot of spikes here and many other challenges that you have to overcome. I did see that the game does get progressively harder and that’s not a bad thing to be honest. The game is very intense and it does feature plenty of interesting moments.

I did like the fact that you can unlock new cubes and the fact that the movement is very fluid also makes the game a whole lot interesting to begin with. The attention to detail is huge here and you are definitely going to enjoy the way you play at all times.

The best thing for many casual gamers here is that MicroCube can be played for as much or as less as you want. It’s not hard to get into it but it does have a small learning curve and that on its own can be quite demanding. You will have a lot of fun with it though and you are bound to appreciate the great gameplay it has.

The colors in MicroCube are fun and while the game is minimalist you do get an entire background and plenty of ideas that you do not want to miss. Obviously there will be lots of challenge here but that’s what makes MicroCube so fun in the first place, because there’s a whole lot to do here and the quest to reach a much better result is always there.

Overall, the game is really exciting and some of the best titles that I played in a while. You should totally check it out right away if you like arcade and endless running games. You can also find more games from the developer at

Download MicroCube for iOS devices here.

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Microcube screenshots (above) and trailer (below)

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