Apple's "Best of 2014" App List, Part 2/2

Apple's "Best of 2014" App List, Part 2/2

by Gary Oldwood on 23 December 2014 · 2230 views

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This is the 2nd part of Apple’s “Best of 2014” apps and games article. In this part we present you the games that made it to the “Best Games” category.

You can read Part one of Apple's "Best of 2014" App List here.

The “Best Games” of 2014 category is full of amazing titles that earned their position in the list due to different, yet good reasons. So here they are:

Best Games

Monument Valley1. Monument Valley by ustwo, $3.99

It comes with no surprise that Monument Valley is number one on the list. It is a gorgeous game with amazing design that will leave you speechless. The main character of the game is Princess Ida and the player must guide her through strange monuments and other challenges, all while manipulating strangely designed architecture and geometry.

Monument Valley is also available for Android and also one of the top games in our Top 20 Android Games of 2014.

2. Hitman GO by Square Enix INC, $0.99Hitman GO

The strategy game that captivate millions of players around the world found its way to our devices.  The player must strategically avoid enemies and reach his targets to exterminate them or infiltrate well-guarded locations.

It’s quite obvious that Hitman GO is one of the best games for Android as well, which is the reason why it’s included in our Top 20 Android Games of 2014 too.

3. Ruzzle Adventure by MAG Interactive, FreemiumRuzzle Adventure

In Ruzzle Adventure the player has to clear clever word puzzles through hundreds of levels, while advancing further into the forests of Ruzzle Adventure.

And here is its Android counterpart.

4. World of Warriors by Mind Candy Ltd, FreemiumWorld of Warriors

World of Warriors is an adventure- strategy game with many features and thousands of players worldwide. Battle the mighty Skull Army and defeat evil King Boneshaker and his menacing bosses! The game has a rich set of features, which make the game quite enjoyable. For more details, you can read our review of the game.

5. XCOM: Enemy Within by 2K, $6.99XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM is a military alien invasion strategy game in which the player investigates a dangerous threat in a fishing village and must defend the XCOM headquarters from an alien attack. XCOM: Enemy Within is an expansion of the first game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Get the Android version of the game here.

6. Rules! By TheCodingMonkeys, $1.99RULES!

Rules! is a fast-paced puzzle game that will captivate you with its stylish and cute challenges. It requires the player to use his brain in order to advance through the game, but in a non-tiring way; the fun is there, and all you have to do is start playing to feel it. Some say that it's the best iOS app in the App Store.

7. Smash Hit by Mediocre AB, Freemium

Smash Hit

In this game the player must destroy all kinds of obstacles and targets in futuristic dimensions. The game includes over 50 rooms enhanced with 11 graphic styles and music that matches each stage and the actions the player performs. To be a successful player in Smash Hit, you must not lack concentration, have high alterness levels and have a tendency (or urge) to break glass things.

Smash hit is available for Android devices too.

8. Spider-man Unlimited by Gameloft, FreemiumSpider-man Unlimited

An amazing arcade game starring one the most loved Marvel heroes. The game's graphics are hand-drawn making it look like moving comic pages. In this game the player must unite many different spider-men and spider-women and together with them fight against “Sinister Six” who have also call forth from other dimensions different versions of themselves, and are destroying all other dimensions. It’s up to spider-man to save our dimension.

And here is the Android version of the game.

9. Trials Frontier by Ubisoft, FreemiumTrials Frontier

In this game the player takes part in motorcycle races in different locations based in physics and skills. It also has amazing settings and characters.

Trials Frontier is available for Android as well.

10. Adventure Beaks by GameResort LLC, FreemiumAdventure Beaks

A platform game with cute penguins who explore ancient ruins and lands, escaping traps and enemies, to discover the secret of the Artifacts.

Get it also in Google Play.

11. FarmVille 2: Country Escape by Zynga Inc., FreemiumFarmVille 2: Country Escape

The 2nd installment of the highly popular FarmVille. The player creates their own farm, raising animals and growing plants. Beautiful graphics and funny moments will keep you entertained.

Here is the link for the Android version of Farmville 2.

12. RETRY By Rovio Entertainment Ltd, FreemiumRETRY

Did Flappy Bird anger you? Prepare for more with Retry. In this game you are in control of a 16-bit airplane and you must navigate it through frustrating obstacles.

Get Retry for Android here.

13. Rival Knights: The Art of War by Gameloft, FreemiumRival Knights: The Art of War

A must game for the fans of medieval jousting. Take part in jousting tournaments and fight against enemy knights to become the champion of the realm. Amazing graphics and motion-capture animations.

Google Play link for Android devices here.

14. Godus by DeNA Corp., FreemiumGodus

An amazing game that turns the player into the god of the game’s world. The player rules over the land, creates miracles, is worshipped and guides their followers to voyages to discover new lands. Beautiful graphics for a beautiful concept. How good of a god will you be?

Get it for Android here.

15. Crazy Taxi City Rush by SEGA, FreemiumCrazy Taxi City Rush

Drive through the city with your customizable taxi, gather coins and deal with weird passengers. And by all means, drive like a crazy person! The crazier you drive, the higher you score.

The game is available on Google Play too.

16. Bicolor by 1Button SARL, $0.99Bicolor

An addicting puzzle game that consists of over 200 levels (240 to be exact), made by only 2 colors. The puzzles are based on simple math. It is quite a unique game that bring to font your inner color obsessive-compulsive disorder and push you to the borders of madness. You think I'm joking? Maybe. Maybe not. Find out for yourseld.

17. Royal Revolt 2 – Defend Your Castle by flaregames, FreemiumRoyal Revolt 2 - Defend Your Castle

An amazing 3D strategy game that will absolutely fascinate you. Build your own kingdom, defend it against envious enemies, make motivating alliances, conquer other kingdoms (created by real players, of course), and be careful of revolts. Royal Revolt 2 - Defend Your Castle has many, interesting features and will not get you bored any time soon.

18. ALONE… by Laser Dog, $1.99ALONE...

An endless runner in which the player navigates a small spaceship in extremely fast sequences while trying to avoid debris and escape through dangerous caves.

You can find it in Google Play as well.

19. FOTONICA by Santa Ragione s.r.l., $2.99FOTONICA

A psychedelic game that will amaze you. This first-person endless runner game is about running at 140mph through complex environments. Ever felt like running at super-fast speeds but not having the drawback of significantly increasing your chances of dying? Developers of FOTONICA know your pain, and have brought to your iOS device an interesting and enjoyable game that will fill you with adrenaline.

20. Timberman by Pawel Jedrysiak, $2.99Timberman

An oldschool arcade game with nostalgic visuals and a simple but addicting concept. The player must chop down trees and avoid being hit by branches in the process. Ok, maybe it's not the most overwhelming and astonishing game of all time, but it can certainly fill your spare time and perhaps teach you a thing or two about trees and branches.

21. Bonza Word Puzzle by Minimega Pt Ltd, $0.99Bonza World Puzzle

A unique crossword that in order to solve you have to arrange the pieces to solve the crossword. It’s extremely fun to play and the puzzles are other times easier to solve and other require lots of thinking.

Bonza World Puzzle is available for Android too.

22. Asphalt Overdrive by Gameloft, FreemiumAsphalt Overdrive

An endless runner that, as the name suggests, includes cars, a lot of speed and dangerous roads. Not a very interesting game in my book, but I can tell there are many people who enjoy this type of games.

Get it for Android here.

23. Skullduggery! By ClutchPlay Games, $4.99Skullduggery!

A game with a funny premise and enjoyable gameplay. The player takes the role of a Semi-Organic Autonomous Skull that its job is to collect taxes from the so called “Deadbeats” of the Afterlife. The player has various powers including Brain Power, Gravitational Truancy, Headshots, and what would a tax collector be without Bureaucracy, even in the afterlife?

24. Monsu by Boomlagoon, FreemiumMonsu

In this game you have to help Monsu get back his stolen treasure from thieving villagers. Very good game, enjoyable plot, nice graphics and lots of features. This green little creature will keep you entertained for as long as you help him retrieve his belongings from the mean villagers. For more details, you can read our detailed review of Monsu for iOS.

25. Race Team Manager by Big Bit Ltd, Feemium.Race Team Manager

For the fans of car racing comes Race Team Manager. Experience the life of a team boss and struggle to get from junior leagues to being the championship winning team.

Race Team Manager is available for Android devices as well.

And this was the “Best Games” of 2014 category, as it was released by Apple. Do you think it’s accurate, or just another shot by Apple to promote certain apps for its own good?

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