Featured game review: Monsu for iOS

Featured game review: Monsu for iOS

by Gary Oldwood on 22 November 2014 · 3972 views

Monsu bannerEndless runner games have been around since the first times android games were created, and judging from their increasing number, one can assume that they are very popular among smart phone users. I consider myself a fan of endless runner games as well (a very picky one, though). When it comes to such games, developers do their best to make their games unique so that they will stand out among the rest. To achieve that they try to make improvements that will amaze and attract players.

So, what was it that made Monsu (by Boomlagoon) stand out and become a featured game in the App Store as well as one of the best endless runner games? Let’ take a look at the game itself to find out. In Monsu, the player uses cards to power up and gain strength. So, you get an action game plus collectible cards. The result is a very enjoyable and funny game.

Game Description

Our main hero is Monsu, a green troll-like monster that wants our help to get back his stolen treasure from the thieving villagers. On his quest he runs and fights the evil villagers with the help of the cards that the player unlocks throughout the game. The player has to destroy buildings (either by running right through them or by jumping on them), stamp upon villagers, jump over gaps, and avoid spikes and other dangers. The goal is to go as far as you can while collecting as many gold diamonds as you can. Diamonds are later measured and give score and coins that you get as reward after you lose.

In each level you will be asked to complete a different challenge. Once you achieve that, you can keep going until you lose (something that we all know will happen sooner or later on this type of games). The controls are easy to use and you won’t have trouble getting the grip of the game. All you have to do is run, jump, and double jump.

Now let’s move on to the cards as they play a very important role on the game. As you progress you will be rewarded new cards.  The cards are categorized in three types: Power ups, Weapons, and Mounts. You will also be advised to upgrade your cards (sometimes for free and sometimes by spending coins), which you should do as it improves your cards strength significantly. In each level you can make use of up to 3 cards. These cards will prove to be very helpful and make the game much more entertaining. The number of collectible cards is 40. You can also evolve your cards to access Legendary and Ultimate characters.

Monsu Screenshot 1

The cards turn to creatures that act like your companions throughout the game. They range from strong falcons and dangerous wasps that take care of the villagers in your place, to Hammer Goblin and the Insane Engineer. Each card has its own attack and unique characteristics. Apart from creatures there are also cards with weapons and other items (e.g. a magnet that helps you get more diamonds). You are only allowed to have one card of each type to use in the game, but the way you combine them is up to you.

A nice function is the customization. By gathering enough coins you can dress up Monsu in funny and maybe silly accessories. But this is a feature I’d suggest using only if you have spare coins, as it doesn’t have any essential use- it’s only for enjoying Monsu in funny costumes.

When it’s game over for you, you can use premium currency (gems) to continue right where you left off, or you can play again from the beginning of the level (or move to the next one if you’ve cleared the challenge that you were given).

After the player completes the level’s objective he is rewarded 2 gems. Gems and coins are the game’s currency and as usual this free game also comes with in-app purchases (IAP). In order to purchase cards you have to use coins or gems in the shop. Coins unlock common cards while gems get you legendary ones. Earning coins by playing is slow due to the small number of lives, but it’s the best way if you don’t want to spend real money for it. With IAP you can buy additional currency to use in order to get cards, upgrades and anything else that requires coins and gems.

Monsu Screenshot 2  Monsu Screenshot 3  Monsu Screenshot 4 

Monsu gameplay screenshots

As for the cons of the game (apart from the IAP which I’ve made clear I’m not a fan of in any game), I find it rather unfair that after you run out of hearts (you have 5 of them maximum), you have to wait 10 minutes to play again. There are also challenges which are way too hard and nearly impossible to clear. That can be frustrating if you keep dying trying to clear the same level multiple times.

7 full Featured game review Monsu for iOSThe graphics are pleasant to the eye and have a cartoony look that fit well to the game’s concept, and come in par with the sound effects.

Overall, Monsu is an extremely well made game, probably one of the best games of its kind, and great for the casual player and less annoying than other endless runners as it’s not too repetitive thanks to the various cards that add a lot to the game’s enjoyment. So, if you’re a fan of endless runners or not complicated games, this one is definitely a game for you.

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