App Review: CloudTasks for Android - Organize and Complete Your Tasks

App Review: CloudTasks for Android - Organize and Complete Your Tasks

by Gary Oldwood on 11 October 2015 · 2722 views

CloudTasks: Tasks & to-do list Screenshot 1Sometimes the life of a busy person can improve dramatically if the everday tasks that have to be accomplished were organized more efficiently, instead of just being memorized. CloudTasks: Tasks & to-do list is an app created by Pselis Ltd. that will help you organize all your tasks in the best way possible, never forget any of them and efficiently accomplish your goals. It has a user-friendly interface, very simple functionality that requires no technical knowledge or previous experience to use, and includes several features for optimal task planning and organization.


The way CloudTasks works is based on David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology in order to manage your tasks and time in the most efficient and productive way. This will definitely give you a clearer vision of your current tasks and future goals, as well as allow you to perform better planning.

With CloudTasks you can create an unlimited number of tasks and to-do lists in CloudTasks, which can have various forms and configurations. For example, you can enter due dates, create recurring tasks, set up reminders (PRO version only) and priorities, and add attachments, photos and recordings (PRO version only).

Created tasks and to-do lists can be shared with friends and family too. CloudTasks also syncs with Google Tasks, if you are using it.

Another great advantage of using CloudTasks is that it integrates with Android wear as well. Just set it up and you’ll get your notifications and lists on the android watch on your wrist! That’s a really useful feature that can save you a lot of time and trouble.

CloudTasks: Tasks & to-do list Screenshot 2The app supports adding a widget so as to have your tasks and to-dos right in your home screen.

Other things you can do with CloudTasks: you can create subtasks, create tasks and to-do lists using voice commands, sort them by list, priority, due date and time and filter them by priority and completion date. If you have CloudCal installed, then due dates for tasks appear in your calendar, plus you can add tasks from it too.

As we mentioned above, there is a PRO version of this app that you can get for $2.45 and receive the following benefits:

  • Add reminders in tasks and to-do lists
  • Share attachments, photos and recordings


CloudTasks is a great app that can really help you increase productivity and accomplish not only short-term tasks that come up every once in a while, but long-term tasks that require careful planning, strategy and a lot of effort. It’s a highly recommended app.

Download CloudTasks: Tasks & to-do list for Android devices here.

CloudTasks: Tasks & to-do list Screenshot 1  CloudTasks: Tasks & to-do list Screenshot 2  CloudTasks: Tasks & to-do list Screenshot 1

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