App Review: CloudCal for Android - Plan your Time Easily and Efficiently

App Review: CloudCal for Android - Plan your Time Easily and Efficiently

by Gary Oldwood on 11 October 2015 · 3133 views

CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer Screenshot 1CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer is an exceptional and modern app developed by Pselis Ltd. for anyone who wishes to have all his daily events organized in a nice and efficient manner, without having to worry about forgetting appointments or distributing his time unevenly. The app is very lightweight and has a wonderful interface, allowing the user to easily check and edit his schedule. It also offers unique features, such as the Magic Circles feature, which visualizes each day of the month into a clock face for an easier and more comprehensive representation of the schedule.


Regardless of whether you have a lot of appointments or not, it’s amazing how helpful and easy it is to create a new event in the agenda; simply tap on the date of your choice, fill in the details of the event (time, duration, description, etc.) and save it. With CloudCal it’s not only easy to schedule your appointments, but it also makes you feel comfortable with its modern, user-friendly and highly customizable interface (multiple views and agendas for day/week/month, resizable widget, localized time and date formats, etc.).

The most special feature of CloudCal however is the Magic Circles feature. With it, all days of the month are displayed on the screen in the form of a clock face, which is filled with colored slices accordingly when you schedule new appointments for that day. It is a quick, efficient and visually attractive way for the user to check the days and times that he’s busy or free, and plan the rest of his time accordingly. It also helps detect very busy days and rearrange them so as to have a schedule with a more evenly-distributed workload during the week/month.

CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer Screenshot 2If you’re sharing your calendar with your family or your co-workers, or even yourself via different devices, then you don’t have to worry about synchronization issues either. CloudCal syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and Google in order for everyone to keep up with the latest changes in your schedule. It also syncs with Google Tasks when CloudTasks is installed.

Other features include event reminders with configurable snooze levels, recurring events (daily, weekly and monthly), sending invitations to contacts by email to attend meetings and appointments, as well as request Uber rides directly from your appointment page (if you have Uber app installed).

PRO users can enjoy more gifts, however. More specifically, those who are using CloudCal PRO can also share attachments, photos and recordings (a highly useful feature for those who are working with files). Additionally, they can drag and drop appointments and tasks in day and week view, as well as locate places on the map automatically since CloudCal PRO also integrates with Maps, Waze and other Map applications.


If you think it’s finally time to organize your appointments and plan your time, then CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer is the perfect tool to do so. It has plenty of features that will help you plan your tasks and organize your time in the most efficient way, without having any advanced technical skills in the first place. Don’t hesitate anymore- just click on the link below and try it out! And if you wish to get the complete package- it’s yours for only $2.49.

Download CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer for Android devices here.

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