10 Best Anime/Manga Games for Your iOS/Android Smartphones

10 Best Anime/Manga Games for Your iOS/Android Smartphones

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 11 December 2016 · 21310 views

Since we’ve already listed the best manga readers and anime related apps, this time we decided to bring you a list of the 10 best anime/manga games that you can find in the app store. There is a large variety of games and you’ll most likely find at least few that cater to your interests. Win no further ado, let’s begin.

1 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesBlazBlue RR - the Real Action Game by 91Act.com (Free) - iOSAndroid

BlazBlue is a very famous title among anime fans and console players alike, and what’s better than the console game if not a smartphone version? Now you can play as your favorite character and use their fighting skills in this fighting game with amazing 2D designs and beautiful original artworks. The controls are smooth and intuitive and the story itself follows closely this of the original anime series. It is really unique to use the fighting moves through this control system and it offers a great experience for all.

2 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesFINAL FANTASY â…¨ by Square Enix ($20,99) - iOSAndroid

The Final Fantasy franchise never gets boring and when it comes to older titles that are being remade for smartphone users, then the success is inevitable. Such is the case of FF IX, a game that takes as back many years ago and the nostalgia factor is very strong to fight against. But new fans have also the chance to play a game that they would otherwise not be able to and enjoy the story and gameplay equally. FF IX has many features and it might be a bit hard to get used to at first due to how heavy on them it is, but after a while you’ll be able to appreciate its worth to the fullest. It requires lots of free space at your phone though so be warned.

3 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesLost in Harmony by Digixart Entertainment ($3,99) - iOSAndroid

Lost in Harmony is exactly as the title suggests. It is a game that will make you forget whatever is happening around you and focus your senses on it. it is an auto-runner in which you are skateboarding on each level but is is also a rhythm game and that means you have to tap according to the music. The story is also very interesting and you’ll uncover the secrets of the MC as you advance.

10 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesBLEACH Brave Souls by KLab Global (Free) - iOSAndroid

Bleach manga might be over but that doesn’t stop us from continuing being fans, right? If you miss your favorite characters and want to relive some of your favorite moments then you can join the fight in BBS and form teams, use unique abilities and experience again important parts of the story in a different way. The designs are the same as the anime version when the story parts play out, but their 3D chibi equivalents appear when you fight. It is definitely a game that Bleach fans will appreciate.

4 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE by BANDAI NAMCO (Free) - iOSAndroid

And moving on to another famous franchise, One Piece is also ready for fight in Treasure Cruise and invites you for an epic trip. Similar to Bleach, in TC too you fight by forming crews and using their abilities. Parts of the story also unfold in front of your eyes and make the experience even more enjoyable. One Piece games are known for being centered around fighting so expect a uniqueness in the control system that you will soon get used to. Certainly a game that caters to fans and not only.

5 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesYs Chronicles 1 by DotEmu ($4,99) - iOSAndroid

Changing the fighting theme a bit and diving into a different type of game, the JRPG Ys that has been ported on iOS and Android with its retro look and the result is amazing. In this game you play as a brave knight on a quest to defeat demons and save the kingdom. It is an exciting game with many surprises and of course the pixelated graphics are always something to look forward to.

6 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid Smartphones


Of course DBZ couldn’t be missing from our list and despite it being rather predictable in terms of gameplay, it is still a game that will please the fans. In Dokkan Battle you take on the role of a hero who must stop a villain from using the Dragon Balls for his evil purposes. You’ll fight against famous villains, form teams and unlock your favorite heroes, which is great for fans like myself.

7 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesThe World Ends with You: Solo Remix by SQUARE ENIX ($17,99) - iOSAndroid

Moving on to another successful port from the DS to the smartphones realm. The world ends with you is a breath of fresh air among the usual type of games around. It is a JRPG that captivates you with its audiovisual beauty and story. You play as Neku, an amnesiac boy who finds himself trapped in Shibuya in Tokyo and is forced to take part in the mysterious Reaper’s Game. Its price might seem too much but you have to remember it is a port.

8 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesAce Attorney – Dual Destinies by CAPCOM (partially free) - iOS only

Ace Attorney DD is the 2nd port on iOS devices, with the first one being the Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD that was released a few years ago. In DD the story takes place in the “Dark Age of Law” that begun in the Apollo Justice game series and continues in this one. In this first case, which is called “Turnabout Countdown”, you must defend and prove the innocence of a young girl who is accused of setting a bomb in court. Apart from Phoenix Wright, the other supportive characters are Athena and Apollo, each one with his own unique ability that helps solving a case. It’s a must-have for those who want to play a crime type of game that goes beyond the realistic boundaries, with great cases, likable characters, and top-notch graphics. The 1st case is available for free and the rest can be purchased through IAP.

9 thumb 10 Best AnimeManga Games for Your iOSAndroid SmartphonesLove Live! School Idol Festival by KLab (Free) - iOSAndroid

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the highly successful anime Love Live! but whether you’re into idol anime or not, the game version of the anime is totally worth your time. For starters, it is an official release which found its way to the international app store in English for everyone to enjoy. Festival is a rhythm game in which the player is tasked with tapping circles properly according to the rhythm of the songs in order to receive score and level up. Your rewards are cards and characters and there are plenty of events and features that will keep you coming back for more again and again.

And this concludes the list of what we consider to be the 10 best anime/manga games available. Of course, there are more available and what someone considers a good or perfect game can be subjective. This list consists of games that are famous or come from famous franchises. If you have more suggestions please share them with us in the comments below.

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