Top Reasons Not to Jailbreak iOS

Top Reasons Not to Jailbreak iOS

by Dan Vlasic on 3 March 2014 · 1429 views

It is always useful to know the other side of things when you make serious decisions, and jailbreaking your iOS device is a serious decision. There are a number of factors that may change your mind because there are critical reasons why you should not jailbreak at all.2 medium Top Reasons Not to Jailbreak iOS

  1. The first reason is casual iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users will never be able to benefit from jailbreaking and may just as well end up with huge problems with their devices. As a result, if you do not consider yourself to be technologically advanced user, do not bother going through the trouble of jailbreaking.
  2. Security vulnerabilities. This point reflects Apple’s official position to jailbreaking - Jailbreaking eliminates security protection that has been designed by Apple to protect your privacy and security on your iOS devices. Jailbreaking removes this security from your operation system, and, therefore, hackers may steal your personal data or damage your device, or attack your home network by introducing spyware or viruses. While jailbreak community views jailbreaking as a safe ground, and a territory of freedom, it is worth mentioning that there was an issue with the Chinese app store integrated with the latest evasi0n. The issue has been fixed after users started firing astonished feedback, and other than that there seems to be no privacy and security concerns besides the ones admitted by Apple officially.
  3. Instability of operation system and applications. Jailbroken devices may experience frequent and unexpected crashes, freezes of the device and built-in applications, as well as third-party apps, and worse, loss of valuable data. Again, while many users have never experienced such bugs on their jailbroken iPhones, others were not so lucky.
  4. Toll on battery life. Some jailbroken iOS devices have been reported to cause an accelerated battery drain, therefore, a limited number of jailbroken iPhones or iPads function during significantly less time than the un – jailbroken counterparts.
  5. Unreliable voice service and data storage. Jailbroken iOS devices have been reported to experience unreliable data connections, delayed or inaccurate data location and dropped calls.
  6. Disruption of services. It has been reported that jailbroken devices do not support Visual Voicemail, Stocks and Weather applications. Third-party applications that use Apple’s push notification service face difficulty displaying or receiving notifications for jailbroken devices. In addition, other push-based services, for example, iCloud and Exchange, experience problems in data synchronization for jailbroken devices.
  7. No more software updates. Jailbreaking can cause damage to the iOS that would be beyond repair. As a result, a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can become bricked, or permanently inoperable, when the next iOS update rolls out.
  8. As a final word, it should be noted that any iOS unauthorized modification is a violation of the end-user license agreement, and, therefore, nulls and voids any service and warranty Apple provides to un – jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch. In simple words, Apple denies warranty service coverage for any jailbroken iOS device; thus, you run the risk of bricking a very expensive toy. This last point is one of the most important ones because if you mess up the jailbreak process, you cannot resort to the Apple Store to have the problem fixed for you.

Again, we strongly emphasize the jailbreaking should only be used by advanced users who understand possible consequences and can fix bugs and issues on their own, should they occur. If you are a first timer to the jailbreak, the best thing to do is to seek help from the jailbreak savvy friend to guide you through the process for the first time. All things new can be learned and we do not encourage you to give up on jailbreaking, but we strongly recommend you take necessary precautions before you proceed with jailbreaking.

Ultimately, you should weigh all pros and cons before you choose to jailbreak to realize if you really need it.

How about you? What is your experience with jailbreaking? Did you succeed to make it right the first time? Share your feedback and suggestions in the comments below, so that we can update the list of the reasons against jailbreaking.

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