Top 6 Google Chrome/Safari Alternatives For Android & iOS

Top 6 Google Chrome/Safari Alternatives For Android & iOS

by Gary Oldwood on 9 July 2016 · 2334 views

If you are not a lover of Google Chrome or Safari, or you’re just looking for different ways to browse the internet from your Android or iOS device, then this article is for you!

Android users use their browsing apps daily, to visit their favorite websites. But very few users are the ones who actually choose to download another browsing app, apart from the device’s built-in app.

We gathered and present you five alternative browsers for your Android device, which are going to make surfing easier and more fun!

1. Firefox

1 thumb Top 6 Google ChromeSafari Alternatives For Android  iOSFirefox for Android is a well-known browser that allows you to access the Internet from your Android device. As in PC version, you can synchronize your browsing history and bookmarks, personalize your searches as you wish and add your favorite websites for quick access. It’s a highly recommended app, give it a try for sure.

Download Firefox for Android here.

Download Firefox for iOS here.

2. Opera Browser / Opera Mini

2 thumb Top 6 Google ChromeSafari Alternatives For Android  iOSThis is one of the fastest browsing apps available. Opera Browser can be downloaded fast to your device due to its small size, and offers a direct and functional internet browsing experience, in an elegant and neat environment. It is updated regularly and includes the Speed Dial feature, which allows you to save your favorite websites. Also, it recently got updated with native ad-blocking. Highly recommended app.

Note: Opera Browser is not available for iOS. However, Opera Mini, a smaller version of Opera Browser is available instead.

Download Opera Browser for Android here.

Download Opera Mini for Android here.

Download Opera Mini for iOS here.

3. Microsoft Edge

Joining the cross-platform browser party a bit later, Microsoft's Edge browser is also available for Android and iOS users. The browser was first introduced to desktop users in Windows 10 and has been getting a lot of improvements since then. Edge comes with Data Sync (favorites and reading list are synced across devices), Hub View (favorites, reading list, history and books are all in one place), Reading View (makes pages easier to read), a QR Code Reader, Voice Search, and an InPrivate mode, in which history, temporary internet files, and cookies are not saved after you close the InPrivate tabs - pretty much like Chrome's Incongnito mode.

Download Microsoft Edge for Android here.

Download Microsoft Edge for iOS here.

4. Dolphin Browser

3 thumb Top 6 Google ChromeSafari Alternatives For Android  iOSDolphin is an app that promises to make your browsing experience even easier. It allows you to configure your homepage, use it with voice commands or visit websites by drawing gestures. Also offers a variety of easy sharing options and productivity features, suitable for all ages. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Download Dolphin Browser for Android here.

Download Dolphin Browser for iOS here.

5. Ghostery Private Browser

4 thumb Top 6 Google ChromeSafari Alternatives For Android  iOSAs you can image from the app’s name, with this browser you have the ability browse privately on the internet. By using Ghostery Private Browser, you will be able to perform private searches without them being recorded in the websites’ content. Download and make your private surfing easier than ever! Recommended to anyone who has privacy concerns.

Download Ghostery Private Browser for Android here.

Download Ghostery Private Browser for iOS here.

6. Gello (Android only)

5 thumb Top 6 Google ChromeSafari Alternatives For Android  iOSRecently Gello joined the game, CyanogenMod’s new browser, which can be installed by anyone who has a device running Android 5.1 or above. Gello is based on the open-source Chromium browser, the same browser that Google Chrome is based on, meaning that it has the same base and security level, but differs with its extra features (and the fact that Google doesn’t exist here, except for the search).

So, apart from the multiple tabs, private navigation and bookmarks (a “must” for modern browsers), Gello has the following features:

  • Save, for storing websites and accessing them offline later
  • Night mode, which inverts colors to provide us a better and more convenient viewing
  • Power save mode, for low battery consumption
  • More privacy and security options (i.e. preventing other apps to access data stored in webkit)
  • Website-specific privacy settings, for better control

Gello comes preinstalled in CyanogenMod 13. As you can see, Gello is a truly great alternative to Google Chrome- definitely deserves a try.

Download Gello for Android here.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

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