Top 5 Reasons to Become an App Developer

Top 5 Reasons to Become an App Developer

by Chris Thomas on 30 November 2014 · 3182 views

At Download3k we've reviewed the work (programs and apps) of hundreds of app and software development companies over the years, and have even conducted interviews with some of today's upcoming app developers. These motivated content creators are some of the most important contributors to the way we interface and interact with technology across all kinds of devices.

Without the developers themselves, there would be no games, no mobile apps, no Google Maps, nothing – all of the code used to create such programs would be completely useless without the presence and instruction of the intelligent app/software creator. As writers covering the work of app developers, we thought it would be interesting to share some of the top reasons for any tech-inclined entrepreneur to enter into the field of mobile app development:

1. Contributing to the Realm of Technology

1 medium Top 5 Reasons to Become an App DeveloperThe urge to pioneer and contribute to a massive, open-source technological movement is by far one of the most common motivating factors that compels aspiring app developers to create something unique “for the people.” Most developers don't start out with the intention of becoming rich or earning a full-time income from their efforts. In fact, some of the greatest developers started out treating their occupation more like a hobby than a career, especially game developers.

This is not to say that there isn't a lot of money to be made in app development, as obviously there are literal billions being made every year. But, aside from the money, one of the most fulfilling reasons to develop your own mobile app or game is the sense of accomplishment, recognition, and overall kudos you'll receive for being the creator of something that thousands of people will enjoy using.

Speaking of making money from app development, let's talk about some of the financial benefits the app development field has to offer...

2. Your Services Are Increasing in Demand

With the world wide web expanding exponentially every year, and thousands of new mobile apps being developed every month, there's an abundance of work available for competent app developers and software engineers. Furthermore, the only way the demand for app developers could stop increasing would be if the internet itself (and all mobile apps) completely ceased to exist. To the contrary, it is more likely that we'll continue to see new sites being registered and developed, new companies entering the digital space, and more app development projects in the works than ever before.

As long as there are new companies popping up and new ideas being generated, app developers will continue to earn revenue and remain relevant in the technological landscape. In this regard, app developers are very similar to writers - another critical component in nearly every facet of technology, putting legible, intelligible words on what would otherwise be blank pages. In fact, there are three main positions that keep most tech-oriented companies and websites running smoothly – the owners/administrators, the writers, and the developers.

3. Multiple Ways to Monetize and Utilize Your Skills

How does someone make money from app development, you ask? There are three main ways to generate money from your skills as a mobile app developer – you can earn advertising revenue by placing ads within your apps, you can sell apps/sites/projects that you've already developed, or you can earn an income as a freelance app developer (developing software specific to your clients' requests). Ideally, if you're looking to make a living from app development, you'll want to try out all three of the aforementioned avenues simultaneously.

To earn money from advertisements you would just sign up for a mobile app advertising company like AdMob or RevMob. You can get paid per impression (each time someone sees the ad), per click (if someone clicks the ad) or per action (when someone downloads and installs an app through one of your ads – per action typically pays the most).

After a while, if your app is successful enough, you can put it up for auction and sell it for a lump sum. You can also apply for jobs and projects on freelance sites like Rent-A-Coder, Guru, Elance, and others using some of the apps you've made to create a convincing portfolio. But the profit from all of that would pale in comparison to selling your app to a major company for an absurd amount of money...

4. Incredibly High Income Potential

2 medium Top 5 Reasons to Become an App DeveloperWe've seen it numerous times – some young 20-something-year-old develops an app that turns out to be a hit and then along comes Google, Facebook, or some other huge company offering the guy millions, or biiilllions? (queue Dr. Evil voice from Austin Powers).

Although these are relatively rare mergers and acquisitions that should not be expected from every app developer, there is the potential to earn an actual fortune if you can develop a useful app that generates enough demand and publicity. At which point your app becomes a digital property that is valuable to established tech moguls, and they'll pay big money to own what you've created. For example, the Founder and CEO of WhatsApp, 23-year-old Evan Spiegel, actually turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook.

5. Your Skills Will Be Applicable in Almost All Business Endeavors

There are very few instances in which a company could not benefit from having its own mobile app. Apps are great for advertising and PR in all industries. As an app developer with a basic understanding of search engine optimization, you'll be in a much better position to effectively market your new company online, whether it is a wholesale outlet, retail e-store, or digital services provider.

In addition, your skills as an app developer will come in handy when learning other programming languages, which could eventually lead to you becoming a proficient website designer as well. Learning app development is a move that should be considered by any freelancer, entrepreneur, website owner, or business owner looking to expand their digital presence and capabilities.

Bonus: It's Not Really That Hard!

Finally, aside from all of the other reasons mentioned above, one more great reason to get involved in app development is that it's not really as difficult most people assume it is. Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence and some free time on their hands can make use of the horde of informational resources available online. Below we've complied links to some of the most useful startup guides for aspiring app developers: 

With the above resources alone, you should have a solid understanding of what it will take to become an app developer on most of the major mobile platforms. While Android and iOS are the two most popular platforms at the moment, we would recommend starting with the one you're most comfortable using on your preferred devices. 

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