PlayStation Network still down after cyberattack, Xbox Live managed to return

PlayStation Network still down after cyberattack, Xbox Live managed to return

by Gary Oldwood on 26 December 2014 · 2398 views

Since yesterday, which was Christmas day (so much for the Christmas spirit...), there has been a lot of frustration in the console gaming community due to the sudden and successful DDOS attacks that took down the Playstation Network and Xbox Live online gaming services. The hacking group “Lizard Squad” took responsibility of the attack, the reasons of their actions however remain yet unknown (if there are reasons at all, actually).

Xbox Live returned to its Up and Running status just a while ago (even though some services are still not fully functional yet, such as IGN), as you can see in the Xbox Live service status page, but PSN technicians are still struggling to get their network up again.

Playstation Network status: Offline

When did this happen?

The reports that Xbox Live and PSN services were down started almost at the same time, which was on Christmas day (December 25th) after the evening. Even though this is the second day after the cyberattack, only Xbox Live has gotten back on its feet, and that was actually only a couple of hours ago.

There is nothing indicating that the Playstation Network will up and running soon, since the only official update for the time being is a tweet from the Playstation support twitter:

Hopefully Sony will restore full functionality soon, even though we’re on day 2 (30+ hours of downtime so far) and the damage hasn’t been fixed yet, consequently triggering inconvenience to thousands of PSN members worldwide.

The only advice for now is, stay patient guys. In the meanwhile, you can either go and play Xbox at your friend's place, or you can switch to mobile games for a while. Our lists of Top 10 iOS Games of 2014 and Top 20 Android Games of 2014 are a good starting point.


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