New Trailer Released for "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

New Trailer Released for "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

by Gary Oldwood on 28 October 2014 · 3307 views

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A few days ago, CD Projekt Red released the opening cinematic of the long-waited new instalment on the Witcher franchise, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In this game, players will be reunited with protagonist Geralt of Rivia and his mentor Vesemir, this time on the pursue of Geralt’s long-lost love, a black-haired sorceress named Yennefer Venengerberg.

Watch the new cinematic trailer here:

Trailer Explanation

The trailer begins with a look at a battle taking place at Temeria on 1272. It alternates between Yennefer making her way through the battlefield and Geralt tracking her course after the battle is over. Seconds in, the viewer watches a ruthless warrior slicing off the head of Yennefer's horse, a scene probably familiar to the fans of Game of Thrones, which results to her fall. Just as the scene ends we're transported to the present, where Geralt and Vesemir have arrived at the scene of the battle and stand above the horse's head, trying to find the trails of Yennefer.

On the next scene we go back to the battlefield and we experience in great detail the way she fights back, sending her deadly raven (magic black Kestrel) familiar to attack the warrior, who meets a gruesome death when the raven pierces through his eye and exits from the back of his skull.

Meanwhile, in the present our heroes keep following her steps. Back to the past again, Yennefer is running in an attempt to escape from the battlefield, When she finds herself in the middle of the two opposing armies. In order to get out alive she makes use of yet another impressive magic skill, an explosive earth magic that deals great damage to both sides and saves her from an apparent death. In the midst of chaos she finds a horse and makes her leave while her familiar after a while turns back to ice shard, as the spell is gone, and falls to the ground.

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All the while, we get glimpses of our heroes getting closer to finding where she left off too. The battle is over and nothing but death and smoke is left. It appears that the battle took place only the night before.

Warning: Side-effects Include Extreme Drooling

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Screenshot

The graphics are once again top-notch, with incredible visuals. It's a vast open world with improved combat mechanics and certainly gives the viewer the feeling of realism. It is without doubt setting new standards for RPG games.

The soundtrack fits well with the trailer and adds to the suspense and action that we experience while watching.

All in all, the trailer looks very promising, and judging from the previous instalments we can't help but hold our expectations high for an even more impressive addition to this amazing franchise. The trailer definitely helped with that.

The game is scheduled to launch on February 24th, 2015 and will be available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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