New 256GB Micro SD Card by Samsung

New 256GB Micro SD Card by Samsung

by Gary Oldwood on 12 May 2016 · 1355 views

Samsung 256GB micro SD Card

If the indication "low storage" is something that you see often in your mobile device, Samsung is coming to change the situation.

The company announced that it is preparing a new Micro SD card with a capacity of 256GB and write speed 90MB per second. The card is ideal for portable devices, although the "official" orientation is for any device that can record videos. According to Samsung, the card can "keep" up to 12 hours 4K video or 46 hours HD video; however these numbers are simply indicative, of course.

What is certainly impressive is the card’s price, which is $249.99. Of course this number is more attractive when you know that it comes with a 10 year warranty and protection against X-rays, magnets, water and high temperatures.

Its distribution will start on June.

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