Hitman Elusive Target #6 To Appear On July 15

Hitman Elusive Target #6 To Appear On July 15

by Gary Oldwood on 9 July 2016 · 1770 views

1 large Hitman Elusive Target 6 To Appear On July 15

Hitman’s next Elusive Target has been announced, and is going to make his appearance on July 15. It is none other than Dylan Narvaez aka 'The Twin', who will wander in Sapienza for about 72 hours.

The only problem is that at the same time, his twin brother will be located in the city too, so you should be cautious so as to avoid hitting the wrong target.

In addition, Square Enix announced the game’s official companion app for iOS and Android devices. In it, there will be details regarding Escalation and Featured Contracts, and so it is recommended that you download it.

Download HITMAN™ Companion for Android here.

Download HITMAN™ Companion for iOS here.

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