Google Gets Ready to Launch Android TV, Says it Will Be Different from Google TV

Google Gets Ready to Launch Android TV, Says it Will Be Different from Google TV

by Chris Thomas on 8 April 2014 · 1408 views

As if Google isn't already ubiquitous enough, the search engine giant is returning to its ambitions to become a leader in home entertainment through a new product known as Android TV. The new set top box is already in full development, with some of the biggest app providers already assisting in the construction of the entertainment platform.

Google Not Afraid of the Competition

With the addition of Android TV it appears that the streaming television market has become somehow crowded, with leading competitors including Roku, Apple TV, and even another Google offering – Chromecast. Also, let's not forget that Amazon just launched Fire TV last week, and Android TV is said to be very similar in looks and features. Still, Chromecast is a different product altogether; intended more as an add-on dongle for people that already have existing television service, and the other aforementioned streaming TV boxes are bound to lack a few of the features that Android TV will offer.

So What Sets Android TV Apart From Other Set Top Streaming Content Boxes?

Android TV will have a unique content recommendation system that proactively suggests new shows, games, and apps based on your preferences and previous habits. Although similar suggestion features are available on other set top boxes, Android TV's is expected to be much more accurate and effective, as it will be designed by Google – the creators of the best search engine and features like Google AutoSuggest. Android TV will also let you resume watching content that you were in the middle of watching on your Android tablet or phone.

Android TV Expected To Be Simpler and More Streamlined Than Google TV

Despite the fact that Android TV will be a unique offering in and of itself, many people are trying to say that it is simply a rebranding of the previously unsuccessful Google TV. However, skeptics should note that there are some key differences between the two. So although it is not an official rebranding, Google will be dismissing Google TV in favor of their new Android TV project.

According to reports, Google will be giving Android TV a much simpler interface than its predecessor, and providing easy access to your favorite content will be the top priority. The functionality is expected to be fun, fluid, fast, and cinematic, with a similar approach to the Apple TV set top box. The majority of the interface will consist of large photo tiles that represent shows, movies, apps, and games; users will be able to navigate through these tiles using a convenient directional pad on the remote control.

Google TV was essentially a combination of a streaming content system and the Chrome web browser that could interact with Smart TV's running on the Android operating system. Android TV will be independent of any external operating system and will therefore require no additional equipment or software to run on most modern television sets.

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kshu on 9 Apr 2014
This should be interesting as is owned by a different company.

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