Game review: Antyz by DNA Studios Monney & Co will captivate you!

Game review: Antyz by DNA Studios Monney & Co will captivate you!

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 20 November 2015 · 3828 views

1 medium Game review Antyz by DNA Studios Monney  Co will captivate youPost-apocalyptic types of games have a charm that is hard to describe and attract players like magnets. Usually the characters are humans and the setting chaotic and scary to say the least. Zombies, deadly viruses, natural disasters, are a few of the usual suspects and for good reason, as they’re what people nowadays fear and are intrigued by the most. But what happens when in a post-apocalyptic world the main heroes are not humans but ants? And not only that, but what if the plot is not scary or gory and is actually a really fun puzzler? The answer is simple; an enjoyable, clever and cute game is born.


Antyz takes place in a world where ice age has hit again, creating a new glacial era for the Earth. The sole survivors of this disaster are ants that are trying to make their way to the center of the Earth to uncover the secrets of Antyz. Our main hero is a scouting ant that must make its way through dangerous paths and obstacles that are threatening the ant community, and at the same time save as many trapped comrades as possible. As you progress you will travel in various eras of the past.


The game begins with a simple tutorial explaining the basics to the player. The only actions you can take are changing direction between left and right, and standing still when it is required. The controls are smooth and respond well to the touch, although there are times when taking a precise turn will seem impossible but it only requires practice so don’t give up. The game also gives you the option to change between controls and accelerometer (playing by swiping your phone left and right), so you can pick which works best for you by visiting the settings menu.

2 medium Game review Antyz by DNA Studios Monney  Co will captivate youYour objective is to make your way through snow and reach the finishing line unscathed. You must avoid collision with rocks or any other obstacles at all costs because it will mean instant death for our dear ant. The first few levels are quite easy and serve the purpose of helping the player getting accustomed to the rules and gameplay, so you’ll have little to none obstacles (except the rocks on both sides of the cave. For that reason, your only worry at the beginning is saving the other ants to achieve a perfect score.

Apart from the left and right buttons, there is a third one that prevents the ant from moving. This is very important as Antyz is a game that is built upon precision and planning your next move is necessary to proceed. There are moving platforms that hinder your way and you’ll need to stay still until the path is open, or spiked obstacles that will crush you if you don’t move slowly and carefully. Careful and smart thinking is the key of clearing every level successfully.

At the top of your screen you’ll notice a large bar that serves as an indicator of when your digging has been exhausted and you need to recharge to continue using it by spending crystals. To dig you need to drag your finger on the snow you want to remove to clear your way. This will make things so much easier for you as you can remove obstacles and drag trapped baby ants towards you.

On the game’s map you can find out what happened in every era starting from the year 2453 which is the present and going backwards by sliding and tapping on the magnifying glass to read what went down in history. I especially love this part because I found it very interesting and adds great depth to the plot. There are over 100 levels available so prepare for a great journey to the past in unique settings every time the era changes and as you move closed to the core. You can preview a level by spending crystals and thus be prepared and make a plan to clear the level with the highest score possible.

4 medium Game review Antyz by DNA Studios Monney  Co will captivate you

A lovely addition to the game is that you can personalize your ant by buying clothes and accessories to make it stand out and even snap a photo to keep in your gallery or share with your friends. To purchase items you have to spend crystals that you collect in-game or through the IAP.

In-app Purchases

The game’s currency is the Crystals which you can purchase from the shop in packs. The 1000 crystals pack costs $ 0.99, the 2500 crystal packs costs $ 1.99 and the premium pack which unlocks all levels, gets rid of ads and offers a helmet for the hero ant comes in the price of $ 2.99. As you can see the prices are reasonable and not very expensive.

You can, however, collect crystals in more ways than just paying for them.  For starters, you can collect the crystals that appear on the main screen very often. It took me some time to realize it as I thought it was part of the background so I think you can imagine my delight when I figured it out! It was a lovely trick. Also you can grab crystals by following the game’s social media accounts or by inviting friends, and last but not least by completing each level with the highest score possible to be rewarded a larger number of them.

Graphics & Sounds

5 medium Game review Antyz by DNA Studios Monney  Co will captivate youThe graphics of Antyz look great with soft colors and cartoony designs. Our hero ant is especially cute and likable and the same can be said about the baby ants that you need to rescue. The environments have this hostile and cold look that fit perfectly with the ice age premise. The music is fun and fits the game well as it creates the feeling of sneaking somewhere, which is in a sense what our ant does to reach the Earth’s core.


Antyz is a puzzler that leaves no space for boredom and keeps the balance between joy and challenge. After you get the grip of it, it becomes a great journey to the (fictional) past and reveals the reasons that led the world to a second ice age. What’s scary is that if we’re not careful, fiction could become reality. I experienced no bugs or lagging while playing Antyz but I’m sure the developers are working to bring the absolute perfect result to the players when the game is released. It was (and still is) a great experience and unique in many aspects. Definitely give it a try when it comes out.

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