Microsoft Removes Direct Download for November’s ‘Big Bang’ Windows 10 Update

Microsoft Removes Direct Download for November’s ‘Big Bang’ Windows 10 Update

by Chris Thomas on 24 November 2015 · 2932 views

1 medium Microsoft Removes Direct Download for Novembers Big Bang Windows 10 UpdateEarlier this month Microsoft released a major update for Windows 10 (build 1511), initially making the update available for direct download as part of a plan to provide a “big bang” update every six months to accompany the smaller incremental updates being rolled out on a monthly basis.

To the surprise of many, this weekend Microsoft removed the direct download link for build 1511, making it impossible to download the build outside of Windows Update. For most consumers this won’t present much of a problem, other than forcing them to have to wait a bit longer, but for developers and businesses, it could be a major annoyance.

No More Using MCT to Download One Install Package for Multiple Machines

The main complaints are coming from professionals, enthusiasts, and developers who have multiple machines that need to be updated. Previously, one could simply use the media creation tool (MCT) to download the entire ISO image of build 1511 and burn it to a single DVD or USB drive, which could then be inserted into multiple machines.This made it possible to update multiple machines (as many as your license permits) with one download and one piece of media, instead of having to download an entirely new copy of the upgrade onto each individual machine via Windows Update.

Should This Bother You?

If you already have Windows 10 installed on one of your PCs, and you don’t have the need to update multiple machines, this shouldn’t be an issue other than the fact that you’ll you to wait for Windows Update to roll out the files rather than being able to directly download them on your own.However, if you’re about to install Windows 10 for the first time using the MCT, you’ll have to resort to using an .ISO of the July update, after which you’ll need to wait on Windows Update to download November’s “big bang” update.

A Waste of Bandwidth and Time for People with Multiple Machines

If you’re a developer, enthusiast, or company with 20 machines to upgrade, you probably won’t be too happy about each of your device’s needing to download an individual copy of the upgrade through Windows Update. Of course, such repetitive downloading and waiting will be a huge waste of bandwidth and time, especially when just last week you were able to download the .ISO image for the November update within the MCT.

Microsoft Not Forthcoming with an Explanation

Several attempts have been made to gather a rational explanation for the removal of the download, but Microsoft has simply responded to journalists by stating the obvious – the MCT download can no longer be used to install the November update.

We’ll keep you posted if we find any ways around this.

Update: Microsoft fixed this glitch.

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