Game Review: Uncover the secrets of ISOLAND

Game Review: Uncover the secrets of ISOLAND

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 8 September 2016 · 2825 views

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Point-and-click games are perfect for those who enjoy mysteries and solving difficult puzzles. It is very challenging to follow the clues and finding evidence to solve each puzzle and slowly reach the end and uncover the truth behind the mysteries. Today’s review is about the new game by RedFish Studio, ISOLAND, which will please all puzzle fans and will put you into a lot of thought regarding which step to take next and how to proceed. The story is also very engaging and you begin by barely knowing anything. It is all revealed to you step by step and that’s what makes it even more addicting.

4 medium Game Review Uncover the secrets of ISOLANDPlot

In ISOLAND you play the role of a researcher who has received a strange letter from a friend asking for your help with an investigation. Your destination is a mysterious island in the far reaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Although appearing peaceful and calm, this island, known as Isoland hides many secrets that you’ll need to uncover. The inhabitants themselves have no recollection of how they got there or why. By arriving you fall victim of the same unexplainable force and you are trapped together with the rest. You need to be careful and act smart so as not to be tricked and reach the truth through logical deductions.


Similar to all first person point-and-click games, your actions are limited to tapping in locations to explore or move to them, on objects to collect, on hints, and on puzzles to solve. The game begins with you reading your friend’s letter and arriving at Isoland on a boat. There you’ll find your first stop which is the lighthouse. To enter you must first solve a puzzle and *hint hint* the solution is on the introduction when you begin the game. I overlooked it the 1st time and found myself stuck and wondering where the hints are, until it occurred to me that perhaps I missed something and had to start a new game to find it. So keep your eyes open because even the smallest detail could prove to be a very important element for your next puzzle.

6 medium Game Review Uncover the secrets of ISOLANDMost of the items around you will do nothing but you still need to tap on everything because some are hints and others can be collected and used for many reasons such as keys for unlocking boxes and more. Each item can only be used once and you don’t have to worry about misusing it because even if you drag it on something, it won’t move unless it is the right choice. Some puzzles will be more difficult than others and you’ll probably feel like giving up after many failed attempts. However, the game offers a helping hand by allowing you to use tips that will lead you to the right solutions. To make use of them, you’ll have to watch a game ad and I think it’s a fair price to “pay” for being able to move forward. On your quest towards the truth behind this island, you’ll also come across other characters who each have a small story to tell and are quite frightening to me because of the way they talk.

Pricing & Availability

Isoland is now available on iOS for $0.99. As we mentioned earlier, you are given the option to use Tips for free by watching an ad, but solutions to puzzles are only available via IAP and are priced at $0.99 each. Other than that there are no IAPs or further costs.

2 medium Game Review Uncover the secrets of ISOLANDGraphics & Sounds

Visually the game manages to transfer to the player the feeling of fear and mystery. The designs are hand-drawn in a unique way and there are various environments made of crooked lines, off-kilter perspectives, and the color palette consists mainly of moody colors that fit the game perfectly. The weather is always cloudy and rainy and while I personally love this weather it creates a feeling of abandonment and mystery that makes you worry about what you will discover on your next quest. The BG music is very soft but melancholic nonetheless.


ISOLAND takes point-and-click genre and restores it to the old-fashioned glory. It is atmospheric and captivating in terms of plot, as well as intriguing in terms of puzzles and gameplay. By all means, don’t abandon hope when you come across a difficult puzzle. Take your time and examine your hints again until you have it solved, because sometimes the answer is right in front of you. If you enjoy the genre and want something that will remind you of the good old point-and-click games, then ISOLAND will not disappoint you. Give it a try and you won't regret it. Let us know your thoughts and impressions in the comments below.

Download ISOLAND for iOS devices here.

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ISOLAND screenshots (above) and trailer (below)

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