Game Review: Control two characters in Reflection

Game Review: Control two characters in Reflection

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 23 October 2016 · 1464 views

2 medium Game Review Control two characters in ReflectionHigh score games are the most common type of games you can find in your phones. They usually have easy to follow rules, simple controls, and they are perfect for killing some free time with. Reflection is one of these games that use simple mechanics but are enriched with a challenging gameplay.


Reflection is based on acting upon the rhythm, which means that you perform your actions according to the music. To be more precise, you can play even with the sound off but the music helps you act in a simpler manner. You control geometrical objects and you must tap to jump and avoid the obstacles that appear before you. The obstacles include spikes, walls and more, and some of them require a simple jump and others, bigger in size or higher, require a double jump which is performed by double tapping.  But what does the title mean then? Well, in Reflection you basically control two objects, the one on the surface and the reflected one under it.  You will notice that some obstacles only appear on the reflected plane so don’t be relaxed when an obstacle is only mirrored because it means instant game if the reflection collides with it.

You can also collect golden coins that you can then use to unlock more characters to make the game more fun. Coins are also rewarded to you if you watch ads. The characters include other geometrical objects and famous characters such as Iron-man and Naruto.

In-app Purchases

There is one IAP in the game and this is to remove the ads. There are no other IAPs and the game is completely free.

1 medium Game Review Control two characters in ReflectionGraphics & Sounds

Appearance-wise Reflection has a very minimalistic look with crystal-clear colors and well-designed 3D graphics. The BG music is soft and very pleasant and it is perfect for controlling your movements and to follow the rhythm.


In conclusion, Reflection is a lovely game with an easy concept that will keep you good company for a good amount of time. It gets harder and harder as you advance and can get frustrating when you lose but this is the common feeling a player gets when playing this type of games. Let us know your thoughts and impressions in the comments below.

Download Reflection for iOS devices here.

Download Reflection for Android devices here. 

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Reflection screenshots (above) and trailer (below)

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