Game Review: Bump Hero is a new challenging game for you!

Game Review: Bump Hero is a new challenging game for you!

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 2 August 2016 · 1272 views

3 large Game Review Bump Hero is a new challenging game for you

Bump Hero is a new mobile game that offers a very interesting and exciting premise. Simply put, you are the owner of a restaurant and you need to do all in your power in order to eliminate the hassle and acquire the ingredients you need.

1 medium Game Review Bump Hero is a new challenging game for youGameplay

You will enter a hunting game and you will need to choose the best route in order to get extraordinary results. there are many routes to choose from but some of them will stop you so you have to be very careful. Your entire goal here is to reach the end of the level and obtain as many ingredients as possible in order to create astounding meals.

The gameplay idea is very simple and that’s what you will like about Bump Hero, the simplicity that it provides. As for the combat, you usually have to eliminate the animals that come your way but they are located on specific tiles and they might run from you. This is why you have to try and eliminate them the best way you can. There are various speed runways that will help you achieve that, so yes Bump Hero is filled with great challenges and fun moments. One thing to note is that the Bump Hero gameplay is very alert and all the time you will find yourself chasing chicken, pigs and other animals all as you try to capture them as fast as you can.

Interface and story

The story is quite good as you saw and it does make sense. You do feel like a chef trying to capture meal ingredients as you play and that does convey a sense of urgency. On top of that, the interface of the game is very good and it does bring in front some extraordinary gameplay opportunities. You can see where you go and the tiles in the region, you can also see what animals you can find in that region and so on. It’s a lot of value to be had here and that’s what makes the game very special to begin with.

2 medium Game Review Bump Hero is a new challenging game for youMusic and graphics

The art style is blocky yet it’s visually appealing and it does a very good job here. Playing the game is visually appealing and you will also like the character design integrated here. The music is simple, fun and catchy which is very good for this type of arcade game.


After playing Bump Hero I got hooked to the fun gameplay and the interesting gameplay options that it delivers. The game is a ton of fun to play, it provides a very good value and it’s a blast to try out all the time. The story is great, the gameplay is exciting and you do have a good difficulty to keep you challenged for quite a while. Overall, Bump Hero is a stellar game and one that you will love playing all the time. Keep in mind that there are always new missions to pursue and regular updates, which make downloading Bump Hero a very good idea!

Bump Hero gameplay video below:

You can download Bumb Hero for Android devices here.

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