Firefox 35 Brings Improved Cross-Browser Video Chat

Firefox 35 Brings Improved Cross-Browser Video Chat

by Pete Daniel on 14 January 2015 · 1446 views

Firefox 35 has just been release as a Stable version with bug fixes, performance boosts and a modified, friendlier version of their cross-browser video chatting app, Firefox Hello which is integrated into the popular web browser.

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Cross-browser Firefox Hello

Firefox Hello is not specific to Mozilla Firefox alone. It is actually WebRTC enabled so it will run with any browser that supports this technology which includes the Opera web browser.

New Rooms-based Conversations

There is a new rooms-based conversation mode added to Firefox Hello to help simplify and coordinate chats that can be had with the service.

Accessing Firefox Hello

Accessing the Firefox Hello service is easy within Firefox browser. Just clicking on the Hello button on the toolbar, then the Start a Conversation option. (If for whatever reason the Hello button is not present on the toolbar then it can be added by right-clicking the Firefox toolbar, select Customize and add the button from the button options shown.) A link will appear. Just share that link with someone else who is using a WebRTC enabled browser and then can connect with you.

No Account Needed With Video Chat Service

As mentioned in a previous article, one of the benefits of using the Firefox Hello video chat service is that it doesn't require an account to do so, though logging in to a Mozilla Firefox account does offer some added benefits like a retained contact list.

Other Improvements With Firefox 35

MP4 video playback support has been added to Mac OS X Snow Leopard and newer versions of this operating system.

Styling of web pages has been improved on both Windows and Mac versions to improve the dynamic styling processing to improve on-page visuals.

A button has been added for users to access the existing Firefox Share functionality. This is a social media and email sharing pop up function which essentially gives users a fast way to share content outside of the sharing buttons that can be found on many web sites.

Firefox Hello now has a simplified GUI and smoother video playback, particularly across different platforms that use the same WebRTC technology.

Firefox Marketplace Beta

The Firefox Marketplace is also starting to receive a greater focus from Mozilla. They are busy building out apps that can be used in Windows, Mac and Linux desktops via Firefox. Some apps are already available for beta testing which can be accessed from the Apps button (which can be added via the Customize menu).

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