Apple Releases iOS 8.1.3 Update Which Required More Free Space Than Available

Apple Releases iOS 8.1.3 Update Which Required More Free Space Than Available

by Pete Daniel on 28 January 2015 · 1584 views

Apple has updated their latest iOS 8 mobile operating system to continue to fix bugs and problems with the much troubled 8th version of their OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update now brings iOS to version 8.1.3.

 1 large Apple Releases iOS 813 Update Which Required More Free Space Than Available

Early Restrictions On Users With Smaller Capacity Devices

The main issue for many users with only an 8GB or 16GB iPhone device was that the initial version of the update required the device owner to have 5GB free on their mobile device. Given that this is barely what is free upon purchase on an 8GB device with iOS fully installed, this left users unable to update at all in many cases. Apple have since removed this restriction and re-released the update to resolve that problem. However, they have yet to officially state just how much free space is required to carry out an install of the latest iOS update so owners of iDevices are left to wonder.

iOS Runs on A5 Processor or Later

IOS 8 will actually run on any Apple mobile device with a A5 processor or newer installed. Anything less and the device won't have the juice to run iOS 8 smoothly.

Facetime and Messaging Login Problem Resolved

The update fixed a problem with video conferencing package Facetime and the Apple messaging app where some users were unable to login because they were not allowed to enter their unique Apple ID.

Spotlight Now Shows App Results in Searches Again

Spotlight, the app highlighter, stopped being able to list apps in search results for some users and this issue was resolved with this patch.

Education Settings Get a Tweak

Education standardized testing also received a tweak with a few more configurations being added.

iPad Multi Tasking Issues Finally Fixed

Multi-tasking gestures were playing up a bit on the iPad tablet from the moment iOS 8 was introduced, so this update dealt with that problem as well which tablet owners will no doubt be pleased with.

Security Improved Too

Several security improvements and modifications were made to how the iOS 8 functions and these are detailed in the update page in more detail.

Battery Draining Problem With iOS Updates

Battery draining has been reported by some iPhone users as a problem from version 8.1.2 following their last update. It is not yet known whether this update fixes that problem. Typically when a new battery problem develops with iOS it is due to an update corrupting file permissions which causing iOS to cycle to attempt access over and over, draining the battery faster as it does so. In which case, a clean reinstall of the latest version of iOS 8 via iTunes on a PC or Mac is required rather that an updating patch installation.

Bluetooth Audio Cut-out Problem Not Addressed for Users

One fix that didn't seem to materialize is the annoying issue of audio drop outs that owners of Bluetooth speakers and headphones are experiencing with iPhones and iPads presently. For some users... they.. may... (be)... hearing.. some... words... (but).. not... others.

Large Update File. Download Via Wi-Fi Only

The iOS update 8.1.3 is not small. It weighs in at 250 megabytes so users will want to use a Wi-Fi connection to download it otherwise they'll eat through their mobile bandwidth in a hurry.

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