4 Puzzle apps for iOS to give your brain a real tease

4 Puzzle apps for iOS to give your brain a real tease

by Pete Daniel on 10 February 2015 · 1365 views

Almost everyone loves a good puzzle and a brain tease that provide tough challenges to overcome. These kind of puzzle games create some measure of frustration due to their difficulty, but also a sense of achievement when each puzzle is successfully completed.

Give your brain a workout with these four puzzle apps for iOS (with one that has an Android version too).


1Button have come up with a puzzle game that looks unlike anything that you will have played before. More visually recognizable as a snakes and ladders board game than a puzzle game, this one will take time to figure out.

The aim of the game is to drag the snake, depicted as a black line featuring colored dots, around the area on the screen until all spots are matched up with their respective colored tile beneath. It starts easy until you get the hang of it, but the difficulty level quickly increases as you work through the 180 levels with a growing number of snakes to make and complex backgrounds to deal with.

6 full 4 Puzzle apps for iOS to give your brain a real tease

5.3 MB download. $1.99 at the iTunes store.


Zeko is a puzzle game that will likely catch the eye of the kids as well as gaming adults. The objective here is to move the white dot to the outlined circle on the gaming board. However, to do this one has to tap on other colored circles. This creates a ripple-like effect which helps to push any dots in its wake into the direction you desire. A bit of trial and error is required in order to manipulate the board to position the white dot where you want it to go.

This free puzzle game has 45 challenging levels to work through. The black background also helps to make the colored dots stand out even for you even in low light locations.

4 full 4 Puzzle apps for iOS to give your brain a real tease

4.9 MB download. Free app at the iTunes store.

Striped and Swiped. Seriously?

Striped and Swiped is nicknamed Sassy for short. The objective is simple enough. Follow the arrows on the game board and swipe in the indicated direction. Get swiping different arrows and enjoy the music as you play. Striped arrows get introduced later which point in one direction but require a swipe in another direction which can get confusing in this fast moving game. The clock counts down which keeps the pressure on. The game can be frustrating at times, but while appearing simple it is no easy task. Lose an afternoon getting sassy with Striped and Swiped. Seriously?

3 full 4 Puzzle apps for iOS to give your brain a real tease

7.2 MB download. Free app with $0.99 in-app purchase option to remove ads.

Match the Pattern

Match the Pattern is a slick puzzle game that it really tough to complete with its 160 difficult levels. The objective is to push green balls into patterns which will then shape shift right across the screen display. Use just your fingers to help guide the black dot which acts a little like a sheep dog to help corral the green balls in the direction you want them to go. Filled with fast moving action, the occasion trap, and ultimately confusion in places, this is probably the most difficult puzzle game to complete.

2 full 4 Puzzle apps for iOS to give your brain a real tease

43.8 MB download. iOS $0.99 at the iTunes Store and available for Android too.

We hope you enjoyed this little run down of some of the latest puzzle games to appear on iOS. The most challenging one, Match the Pattern, is also offered as an Android puzzle game too which is an added bonus. Only Zeko is free to play because it is ad supported. Good luck!

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